17-Year-Old High School Student Gets Accepted Into EIGHT Ivy League Schools!

17-Year-Old High School Student Gets Accepted Into EIGHT Ivy League Schools!

Jeramy's diligent and focussed attitude in whatever he does has earned him a coveted spot in all eight Ivy League schools.

Getting into one Ivy League college is achievement enough, but what about getting into all eight? That's exactly what happened to 17-year-old Jeramy Botwe, a high school student from Texas. He has been accepted into all eight Ivy league schools. With a grade point average of 4.51 at the Harmony School of Achievement, he was offered admissions at 15 colleges in total reports the Daily Mail.  March 28 will forever hold a special place in Botwe's heart as this was the day he found out that he had been accepted into Brown, Columbia University, Cornell, Dartmouth College, Harvard, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania and Yale. With a plethora of choices up for grabs, this high achiever has until May 1 to pick his school of choice. 


He told Click2Houstan that "It's a very surreal feeling, like, to be accepted to all those colleges. It's an honor to be accepted to one Ivy League, but to be accepted to all these different schools, it's really humbling." In addition to the Ivy League schools, he was accepted into Stanford, MIT, University of Chicago, Duke, the University of Texas at Austin, University of Houston and Rice University.


His family is not surprised at his achievement. Botwe's father came to the US as a teenager from Ghana and immediately joined the US Air Force.  Kenneth, a single parent, couldn't be prouder of his son.  He told the Daily Mail, "I was very excited, but I have to tell you, I kind of expected it because I've seen how hard he works. In fact, in eighth grade, my son was voted the most likely to succeed, and so with humility to do great things." 


Jeramy intends to become a doctor with a focus on research for diseases which are yet to find a cure like Lou Gehrig's and Multiple Sclerosis.  In school, he was involved in a number of activities such as the treasurer of the student council, president of the National Honor Society, co-captain of a science club and the director of the Key Club. Additionally, he was also the valedictorian of his class.


His approach to life is very simple.  He said, "You don't have to be a perfect person. You don't have to be a genius. You just have to be willing to better yourself." It is this attitude that has earned him a spot at these prestigious schools. So, how is he going to make his decision? Well, he intends to create a pros and cons list and visiting each school on campus to see where he fits best.  He admits that this process can be rather daunting.  He added,  "It's a little scary, but I have my family keeping me grounded. I have God, I have friends, so I'm pretty comfortable." 


Julianah, his older sister, is currently applying to law school and is a University of Houston graduate. She shared how immensely happy and proud she was for her brother's achievements.  She said, "I always kind of knew that he could do something like this. I've seen that he's very diligent in his studies, and he puts his all into anything he does,"


On Facebook, everyone commented about how impressed they were and also praised Kenneth for doing a great job being a single father. Marie Brasher commented, "Good job POPS! A single father raising his son. See! Doesn't matter your roots.. Where you come from. If you apply yourself.. You can make yourself anything you want to be. It takes perseverance.. Hard work and determination.. To be ALL you can be! Congrats! You're an INSPIRATION to all teenagers out there. Great role model for today's youth."


Another user Nedra Sellayah wrote, "Many many Congratulations young man. So proud of you. Your father must be so proud of you. Well done. God Bless you always. Continue as you've done so far, keep your nose to the grindstone, keep on the straight and narrow, and entrust your life into God's hands for His guidance. Prayers. Kudos to your father too, for obviously being an exemplary Dad. God Bless him and your family." Johnette Douglas added, "That's great a good example of how to get the job done!!!"   

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