15-Yr-Old Sex-Trafficked Girl Kills Self, Family Wants Justice: "We Got Her Back Damaged"

15-Yr-Old Sex-Trafficked Girl Kills Self, Family Wants Justice: "We Got Her Back Damaged"

The girl was kidnapped, drugged and forced into prostitution at the age of 13. While her family was able to rescue her, she was never the same.

A 15-year-old girl tragically ended her own life and now her family is asking for justice. Letty Serrano, who came from a loving family was a high-school student. "She was a great girl," Serrano's godmother Cynthia Rivera said. "She was a good student and she loved her puppies." However, two years ago, she kidnapped, drugged and forced into sex-trafficking reports ABC News.  

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While her family was fortunate to get her back, they stated that she was no longer the same person that she used to be. "We got her back damaged," Rivera said. Serrano's father Mariano Serrano was devastated about what happened to his daughter and felt responsible for it. "I feel like I let her down," Rivera said. According to Daily Mail, Letty tried to run away twice from home to be with her abductor. Her godmother and father also suggested she was addicted to drugs by this time. 


Shockingly, the sex trafficker was arrested, but he was freed within days. Now, Rivera and Mariano Serrano have blamed the unnamed man for Letty's suicide and want him to be punished for what happened to their daughter. A commander with the Houston Police Department told the station that he has taken steps toward reopening the sex trafficking case involving Letty.


On Facebook, Rivera started a fundraiser to pay for the funeral. She also posted a message of what happened: I want to tell you the story of Letty Serrano a student from Northside High and former student of Marshall Middle school. This young lady took her own life Saturday morning and we are preparing her funeral arrangments and therapy for her family and siblings. Letty went through a horrific abduction in 2017 through a man who drugged her and trafficked her. With the help of our community, I was able to find her.  When we got her back she was already broken and addicted at that point the road to recovery was and is one of the hardest things for any child to overcome.


This man was taken and 3 days later released and again he did the same thing to another 13 yr old. Nothing was done with him or those drug houses on the bayou that I reported that should be torn down. What I saw and witnessed was horrible in those houses. I ask you to help us and that her death does not go in vain. No news media, no elected officials to speak for her and most of all NO JUSTICE !!!! I am asking you to reach into your hearts and pockets to donate something. Every little bit helps I promise. We as a community and the system failed this young lady and her family once let's not do it again. I am representing the family and all meetings and interviews will go through me. I will be her voice and I need you to be her voice now. It is with a heavy heart that I speak to you. They managed to raise $1685 of $10,081 in a day. 


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