15-Year-Old Girl Dies Of Overdose After Trying The Viral 'Benadryl Challenge'

15-Year-Old Girl Dies Of Overdose After Trying The Viral 'Benadryl Challenge'

The dangerous online challenge involves teens taking huge amounts of anti-allergy drugs in order to hallucinate.

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Disclaimer: This challenge is a health hazard and we strongly condemn this. We request readers to not try this.

A 15-year-old girl from Oklahoma died last month after she overdosed on Benadryl as part of an online challenge. This viral social media 'Benadryl challenge' is making rounds on TikTok where teens take large doses of the anti-allergy drug to hallucinate. Chloe Marie Phillips of Blanchard fell victim to this dangerous online challenge and died in the early hours of August 21. Her great aunt Janette Sissy Leasure, posted a message on social media, which is now deleted, urging families to watch out for kids taking part in the 'Benadryl challenge.'



"This needs to stop taking our kids or putting them in the hospital," she wrote on Facebook. Her post was reported by The Sun. "Don't let it take anymore kids...I don't want to see any families go through what we are going through right now," she added. "Don't ever say this can't happen to you. Kids are like, “the other person was okay, so I'll be okay”. Try to always know what your kids are doing or taking." Chloe's funeral was held at First United Methodist Church in Blanchard, Oklahoma, on August 27. 



 "Chloe was a sophomore at Blanchard High School, where she was actively involved in yearbook and track," according to an obituary, Daily Mail reports. "Chloe loved music, dancing, video games, and being a social butterfly with her friends. Chloe was an extremely intelligent young woman and dreamed of one day going to college and becoming a lawyer. On that journey, she looked forward to her first kiss, getting her driver's license and one day going to Paris. Chloe's faith kept her steadfast; she always stood up for what she believed in, and she showed kindness and compassion in everything she did."



In this dangerous challenge, teens are encouraged to take as much as allergy medicine as needed in order to hallucinate. This is well under the grounds of drug abuse and health experts are warning that taking too much of it is fatal. "The dose that can cause a hallucination is very close to the dose that can cause something potentially life-threatening," said Scott Schaeffer, director of the Oklahoma Center for Poison and Drug Information. Some of the potential outcomes of overdosing Benadryl include heart attacks, strokes, seizures, brain damage, and even death. 



Basically, the drug can have an impact on your whole body and is not recommended without a physician's advice.  “Just as an allergic reaction can affect multiple organ systems of the body, Benadryl can affect multiple organ systems,” Ashanti Woods, MD, a pediatrician at Baltimore's Mercy Medical Center, recently told Health. “This means that the drug blocks the cholinergic nervous system, which is responsible for saliva production and tear production, and facilitates bodily functions such as urination, heart rate, body temperature, brain function, and eye functioning,” said Robert Weber, PharmD, an administrator for pharmacy services at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.


"It was scary. She had fractured sentences, hallucinations. Her resting heart rate was 199," Katie, Rebekah's mother told Checkup. "We rushed her to the local ER and they decided to transport her to Cook Children’s." "What struck me was that we had three teens come in for the same thing in one week," said Amber Jewison, a nurse practitioner at Cook. "None of these patients were trying to harm themselves. They all said they saw videos on TikTok and were curious to try it."



A spokesperson for TikTok told Daily Mail: "The company said it has been 'keeping an eye on this topic since and removing any new content - which again has been in extremely small numbers The safety and well-being of our users is TikTok's top priority. As we make clear in our Community Guidelines, we do not allow content that encourages, promotes, or glorifies dangerous challenges that might lead to injury. Though we have not seen this content trend on our platform, we actively remove content that violates our guidelines and block related hashtags to further discourage participation.  We encourage everyone to exercise caution in their behavior whether online or off.'"


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