13-Year-Old Girl Forced To Marry 48-Year-Old Man And Becomes His Fifth Wife

13-Year-Old Girl Forced To Marry 48-Year-Old Man And Becomes His Fifth Wife

Chilling images show Abdulrzak Ampatuan kissing the child bride on her cheeks during the wedding ceremony.

Image Source: Getty Images/Jarretera (Representative)

In a sickening wedding ceremony, that took place in the Philippines, a 13-year-old child was forced to marry a man almost four times her age. Photographs from the wedding show a 48-year-old man cradling his 13-year-old child bride in the town of Mamasapano in Maguindanao province of the Philippines. Other disturbing images show Abdulrzak Ampatuan, the groom, kissing the teen on her cheek. According to Mirror, the newlywed young girl, who has not been identified, became Ampatuan's fifth wife following a wedding ceremony with Islamic religious rites which lasted a day.



Despite the obvious age gap and the fact that she is a minor, Ampataun seems to have no shame to have married a child. He expects his teenage bride to take care of his children who are almost her age. "I am happy to have found her and spend my days with her taking care of my children," he said in a chilling statement. A farmer by profession, Ampataun plans on having more kids with his new bride once she turns 20. Furthermore, he revealed that the girl would be attending school for the time being until she is ready to have his children. It's not unusual for minors to be married off after they reach puberty, which is marked by menstruation, in some parts of the Philippines. This practice is especially allowed and carried out in the Muslim-majority Mindanao region, reports Mirror



Data collected on the highest number of child brides across the world by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) shows that the Philippines stands at the twelfth position with 726,000 marriages so far. But the shocking practice is not limited to this country. A few months ago, authorities in Kenya rescued a 12-year-old girl after she was forced to marry two men in a span of one month. The chilling incident took place in  Narok County west of the capital Nairobi after the girl's father married her off to a 51-year-old man. The young bride alleged that her two older sisters had been forcibly married off and she was subjected to the same fate after a 51-year-old man offered five cows as dowry in exchange for marrying the young girl and making her his second wife. 



With schools closed due to the pandemic, the girl's father figured it was the best time to get his daughter married. "Our father had forcefully married off my two elder sisters, and I was the only one remaining. When schools were closed he planned to marry me off," said the girl, according to The Standard. "I did not know him before, and I did not love him. I told my family I didn’t want the man, but my father said the man could feed us and that I would get married to him," added the standard six pupil at Enkare-Nairowua Primary School who wants to become a doctor. Unfortunately, her protests resulted in her being beaten up by her cousins, who claimed she was dishonoring the family. 



"Girls are born so that people can eat. All I want is to get my dowry," the cruel dad reportedly told his young daughter. Although she managed to flee to a relative's place, her father caught her and married her off. But it did not last for long as she ran away just two weeks after marriage. "I escaped, and since I could not go back to my father’s home for fear of being reprimanded, I eloped with a 35-year-old man, who was married," she said. She then appealed to the authorities to help her "continue with my studies and be a dependable person in the future."



The child bride added, "I appeal to the government to help me return to school." Area Chief Rimoine Maiyone and Narok Peace Ambassador Joshua Kaputa managed to locate the child and rescue her. Police are now looking for the two men and her father who illegally married her off. If convicted, they could be sent to prison for up to five years and/or be fined up to 1 million Kenyan shillings (£8,000; $10,000).

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