13-Year-Old Wonder Boy Graduates From College With Four Associate's Degrees

13-Year-Old Wonder Boy Graduates From College With Four Associate's Degrees

This achievement of Rico doesn't come as a surprise for his mother, Ru Andrade, who had figured out that her son was special ever since he was a little boy.

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This inspiring story is about a teenager who is anything but average. Although 13-year-old Jack Rico might seem like a regular teen who loves playing video games and having petty arguments with his elder sister, he most definitely is not. The boy recently completed his graduation with four associate's degrees and the best part is he managed this feat in just two years. Rico's incredible achievement doesn't come as a surprise for his mother, Ru Andrade, who had figured out that her son was special when he was a little boy.


When Andrade asked Rico what he wanted for his fourth birthday, which was just days away, she was left amazed by his reply. Unlike most kids his age, who usually request toys or a trip to Disneyland, Rico apparently wanted to see the White House. This unusual request was not something Andrade had expected, reports CNN. "I told him that was a really big trip for a three-year-old," recalled the mother who jokingly gave her son a condition to have his request fulfilled. "Just kidding around, I said, 'If you can memorize all the presidents, I'll take you,'" she continued.




Little did she expect that her son would approach her a week later having achieved more than what she had asked for. He said, 'I already knew the presidents, but I memorized all the vice presidents so that we could go,'" shared Andrade of the day. Keeping her promise, they set out to see the White House. "So that's when I knew, 'Oh, you're already smarter than me,'" explained the proud mother. Cut to this day, the 13-year-old has made history after graduating from Fullerton College in California last weekend. This accomplishment makes him the youngest student to have ever achieved it in the school's 107-year-old history, confirmed the news outlet. 




Although the community college has about 21,000 students from various facets of life and backgrounds, Fullerton College President Greg Schulz shared how Rico stands out from the entire crowd. "It is not typical to have such a young student take classes, so Jack is pretty well known on the Fullerton College campus," said Schulz during an interview with CNN. "Jack is wise beyond his years, and I'm so pleased that he found a home and place to excel at Fullerton College." For college-goers, it's hard enough to major in one study but not for this 13-year-old. He has earned associate's degrees in human expression, history, social behavior, and social science while maintaining an impressive 4.0 GPA, revealed Rico.



When asked how he managed to do all this at such a tender age, Rico simply told CNN, "I just love learning new stuff. I love knowing more about the world and all the different things we could study." Furthermore, he explained that there's no secret to his method and that he simply employs "good old time management and listening to your instructors." Rico had been homeschooled before he began attending Fullerton and his college graduation was supposed to be his first official one. 


Rico was pumped to attend his first graduation but he was left disappointed when the in-person graduation ceremony was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. "I was a little sad and disappointed because I never had a graduation," said Rico. But his family couldn't let the sweet teen be sad, so they arranged a drive-by graduation parade on Wednesday to celebrate his achievement with the help of friends and family members. Speaking about his future plans, Rico said he will continue studying history at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. But he also noted that he is very much a child. "I'm 13 right now so I don't really have the whole life thing figured out," said Rico, when asked what he wanted to be when he grows up. "I'm still trying to explore my interests and learn what I want to do in life."

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