Father Forces 12-Year-Old Girl Marry Two Men In A Span Of One Month

Father Forces 12-Year-Old Girl Marry Two Men In A Span Of One Month

The little girl, from Kenya, was told by her father that "Girls are born so that people can eat. All I want is to get my dowry."

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Authorities in Kenya rescued a 12-year-old girl after she was married to two men in a span of one month, reports BBC. The incident occurred in Narok County west of the capital Nairobi, as the girl's father forced her to marry a 51-year-old man. Daily Mail states that the girl alleged her father had gotten both her older sisters married off forcefully. She then added that he did the same with her after the 51-year-old man offered four cows as dowry for marrying her to be his second wife. So, the father agreed, and decided that it was the best time to get his daughter married since schools were closed during the pandemic. 


According to The Standard, the girl said, “Our father had forcefully married off my two elder sisters, and I was the only one remaining. When schools were closed he planned to marry me off,” she said. However, the girl retaliated and protested against the marriage, saying that she wanted to continue studying. “I did not know him before, and I did not love him. I told my family I didn’t want the man, but my father said the man could feed us and that I would get married to him,” said the Standard Six pupil at Enkare-Nairowua Primary School. But, her cousins beat her up, claiming that she was dishonoring the family.


"Girls are born so that people can eat. All I want is to get my dowry," the father reportedly told her. The little girl, who wants to become a doctor in the future, managed to flee to a relative's house, but her father caught her and took her to the old man's house forcefully. She then revealed that she deserted the first marriage after two weeks. “I escaped, and since I could not go back to my father’s home for fear of being reprimanded, I eloped with a 35-year-old man, who was married,” she said. She then pleaded to the authorities, "I want to continue with my studies and be a dependable person in the future. I appeal to the government to help me return to school."


Area Chief Rimoine Maiyone and Narok Peace Ambassador Joshua Kaputa got wind of Naisula’s predicament and acted fast. “We were tipped off by the public that there was a girl that had been married off twice. We trailed her for three days and we managed to rescue her. We are working with well-wishers to get her a safe haven while hunting for the culprits,” said Maiyone. The chief also added that the police are on the lookout for the two men and the girl's father, who has since gone into hiding. The thing is, it is illegal for a woman under the age of 18 to be married off. 


If convicted, they could be sent to prison for up to five years and/or be fined of up to 1 million Kenyan shillings (£8,000; $10,000). Shockingly, in the last three months, around 26 underage women were married off after being impregnated. He added that this 12-year-old girl's plight is an example to how schools closing down has had a negative impact. “Girls in Maasai land are facing a bleak future in the wake of Covid-19. If concerted efforts are not made to save them we shall have no girl reporting back to school by next year due to FGM, early marriage, and teenage pregnancies,” said Kaputa. 


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