12-Year-Old Boy Escapes From Home At Night After Abusive Parents Forget To Handcuff Him To Bed

12-Year-Old Boy Escapes From Home At Night After Abusive Parents Forget To Handcuff Him To Bed

In their defense, the parents said they handcuffed their child to the bed because he was "sneaking" food and candy because of a medical condition he had.

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A 12-year-old boy from Missouri escaped from his abusive parents after they allegedly forgot to handcuff him to his bed, reports Fox 8. The cops found him when he walking along the highway with a packed bag. The Missouri State Highway Patrol trooper spotted an emaciated boy with bruises covering his face, legs, and arms walking on a lonely rural highway in Missouri in the middle of the night on May 2, according to Crime Online. The boy then told the trooper that he had run away from his house because his parents, Christopher Crets, 40, and Nicole Crets, 33, forgot to handcuff him that night. 


“He’s very fortunate. He’s walking in traffic. He’s just wanting somebody to stop and help them, and a state trooper just happened to be the car coming down the highway,” Warren County Sheriff Kevin Harrison said. “It just was an answered prayer for him.” The next day, Christopher and Nicole were arrested and charged with felony and child abuse. While Christopher is the child's biological father, Nicole is his step-mother. The father has also been charged with kidnapping and four counts of unlawful possession of a firearm, according to reports. 


“It was definitely this boy’s time to be rescued,” Harrison said, KSDK reported. “I mean, when you’re hitting a little guy or hitting anybody in the face and on the head, I mean, it’s just a miracle that this boy wasn’t seriously injured … His eyes were swollen, his forehead was swollen, this boy was beaten and tortured at the hands of mom and dad so I’m very happy that he slipped out and I’m glad the trooper was there and that my detectives and deputies were able to be part of rescuing him from the situation.” Upon searching the house, detectives discovered handcuffs attached to the boy’s bed, multiple rifles, and a semiautomatic pistol.


Christopher Crets has previous felony convictions for statutory rape and drug trafficking prevents him from owning arms. When the boy was taken to the hospital, he weighed only 74 pounds, but he told the cops he used to weigh around 115 to 120 pounds. In their defense, the Crets said they handcuffed the boy because he was “sneaking” food and candy. They claimed that they were trying to prevent him from eating certain kinds of food because he has a medical condition. The poor boy also suffered from refeeding syndrome, which is a condition that can lead to heart failure, seizures, fatigue, and confusion because of starvation.


“It just put a knot in my stomach,” Harrison said. “For a parent to handcuff their child to a bed and regularly beat them … it’s not just child abuse. It’s torture.” Authorities also stated that the boy was pulled out of school three months ago and was being homeschooled so that his friends or teachers wouldn't notice his drastic weight loss or bruises. Harrison then revealed that the boy and his siblings (it wasn't revealed how many siblings he had) were all in protective custody. Thankfully, the other children showed no signs of abuse. A judge ordered Cristopher and Nicole Crets to be held without bail until their next hearing on May 27.


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