11-Year-Old Raises Money For Single Mothers By Selling Lemonade

11-Year-Old Raises Money For Single Mothers By Selling Lemonade

“God wants you to do this type of stuff, like he wants you to help people out,” says Cartier Carey.

Image Source: Facebook/Kids 4 Change 757

Age is just a number and this 11-year-old is proving just that. Cartier Carey is working hard to raise money for single mothers one lemonade cup at a time, showing that no one is too young to make a difference, according to CNN. Carey says he's doing this because he wants to help ease the struggle that the pandemic has put on families. "I wanted to help mothers who were struggling." Carey has been roping in members of the Hampton, Virginia, community to raise money by selling lemonade and other tasty treats so that the proceeds can go towards buying diapers and wipes for mothers in need.


So far, he has raised close to $5,000 through the stand and donations. “God wants you to do this type of stuff, like he wants you to help people out,” Carey said, according to The Virginian-Pilot. “That’s what I did.” Carey's lemonade stand is his latest effort as, before this, he'd created care packages called "Carti packs," that were filled with deodorant, soap, and tissues. These were then handed over to the homeless community. He even founded his own non-profit organization called Kids 4 Change 757 about a year ago. Cartier says he was motivated to create the movement so he "could help the community and make the community better."


Carey's mom, Brittany Stewart, said her mom lives in an area that has a lot of poverty. So, when Carey stayed at his grandmother's house, he was surprised to see people with just their moms since he had the privilege to grow up with both parents. “As he’s getting older, he kind of understands,” Stewart said. “He just came up and said, ‘Hey can we help some of the moms?’ and we were kind of like, ‘What do you want to buy?' That’s kind of how it came.” Carey and his mom even stock up on some diapers beside their lemonade stand. Stewart posts on Facebook where the stand is located that day and for how long. Parents can drive up to get the diapers.


“I’ve had some parents reach out to me that don’t have transportation, so I’ll let the kids drop them off at their porch,” Stewart said. With all the money he's raised, he just wants to help others and not spend anything for himself. "He doesn't want to spend any of the money on himself," Stewart says. "He just wants to continue to keep buying diapers and giving each day." With his organization, Carey aims to "inspire the youth around the world." He adds that he is rewarded by seeing his impact on the people around him. "It makes me feel happy that I'm actually helping people."


According to a GoFundMe set up to raise money: Kids 4 Change was started by 11-year-old Cartier. He has been hosting a lemonade stand this week to help single parents buy diapers. Due to the large news coverage, we have received a lot more requests for diapers from parents in need outside of Virginia.  Each night after the kids take down their lemonade stand [and] they go to the store and purchase new diapers with the money they received from the day. These kids are so excited to help that they do not spend any of the money on themselves! An update revealed: Thank you to everyone who donated. We are planning to travel to different states and set up Drive Thru’s so that we can distribute diapers to single mothers in need. We are also helping single fathers as well. We are receiving hundreds of requests from parents in need


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