11-Year-Old Newspaper Delivery Girl 'Raped And Killed' By Man Who Was Released From Jail

11-Year-Old Newspaper Delivery Girl 'Raped And Killed' By Man Who Was Released From Jail

The killer is also a convicted robber, thief, and drug trafficker.

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Trigger warning: This story contains graphic descriptions of rape and murder of a minor. 

A convicted murderer, who was only recently freed from prison, allegedly sexually assaulted and murdered an eleven-year-old newspaper delivery girl. Cemetery worker Artem Osipov allegedly committed the crime just nine months after he was released from prison. The 40-year-old reportedly admitted to police that he raped and killed Polina Skovorodchenko and later buried her body in a shallow grave in a Russian forest, as per The Sun. When the victim did not return home by evening, the girl's mother, Alyona, 34, got worried and reached out to the police for assistance. 




Skovorodchenko’s family members said she disappeared while delivering a local free newspaper in the snow-covered streets of Asbest. The remains of the little girl were discovered three days after the alleged crime took place. Osipov was eventually detained when CCTV footage showed him interacting with the girl. “He met the girl on the street, talked to her,” the Russian investigative committee said. According to investigators, the criminal persuaded Skovorodchenko to follow him to his home, most likely on the fake promise that she could deliver the newspapers to his block of flats.




The investigators added: “He got rid of the body of the deceased in the dark, taking it to a site near his home. The suspect hid the body of the dead girl in the ground, covering it with tree branches. Subsequently, He committed violent acts of a sexual nature against the victim and strangled her. The man also showed the place where the body of the murdered girl was hidden.” Osipov allegedly committed the gruesome crime after being released from jail in February. He was behind bars for 15 years for murder. The killer is also a convicted robber, thief, and drug trafficker. If found guilty of the rape and murder of Skovorodchenko, he could face life imprisonment.




The stepfather of the child said, “We demand that he is never released. He did such a bad thing, raping and killing a child. What other punishment could he have?” Another relative of the victim added: “We want him to live and suffer a long time. Death would be too mild a punishment for him.” Earlier this year, during the lockdown, we reported on a case where a 13-year-old was raped and murdered in her own home after her mother left to purchase essentials. Thirteen-year-old Ana Paolo's body was discovered inside a bedroom in her home situated in the northwestern city of Nogales, Mexico.




Like the rest of the world, Mexico was in a state of lockdown with every business closed except grocers and pharmacists, and the girl's mother had stepped out for a short while to buy groceries. Unfortunately, the attack took place during this short window of the mother's absence, according to reports by local media. Whoever was responsible for this heinous act did not steal anything from the house. Paolo's mother, who remains unnamed, first became concerned when her former partner called her up while she was still out. Despite trying several times, he was unable to contact Paolo and he shared the concern with her.




"The father of the underage person contacted the mother over the phone where he revealed the 13-year-old girl had gone missing," said a police spokesman. The worried mother immediately made her way towards her home only to find a number of police officers outside her property. "She arrived at her home which was already secured by officers of the Municipal Police," they added. Speaking of the victim, the police spokesman continued, "The victim was found in one of the bedrooms and signs of violence to her face, apparently from blows." An investigation was launched following Paolo's terrifying demise, however, no arrests have been made yet. 





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