11-Year-Old Boy Saves His Grandma's Life By Driving Her To Hospital All By Himself

11-Year-Old Boy Saves His Grandma's Life By Driving Her To Hospital All By Himself

PJ Brewer-Laye quickly got into the family's Mercedes Benz and carefully took his ailing grandma to the hospital.

Image Credit: Youtube / 11Alive

An 11-year-old boy took his grandmother to the hospital when she was having a medical emergency. PJ Brewer-Laye, who happened to be driving on his go-kart at the time, had been out with his grandma Angela Brewer-Laye last week in their Indianapolis neighborhood.



Angela began to feel ill about a mile and a half away from their home as PJ was casually zooming up and down the street past his ailing grandmother. She started to feel really dizzy, weak, and unable to see clearly. Angela leaned against a road sign and her blurry vision began to recover a bit. 



“I was leaning against the stop sign, and all of a sudden, I look to my right, and I see my car — my Mercedes-Benz coming towards me. Just in an easy, calm manner, it was coming towards me,” the woman told 11Alive. “I looked in the car. It was him — it was PJ,” Angela recalled. PJ has just turned 12 but was 11 at the time of the incident. He had quickly spotted that his grandma was not well and immediately rode his go-kart home to fetch one of the family's road vehicles - the Mercedes Benz. Angela was all in praises of the driving skills of her grandson whose go-karting days have surely helped him. 



This wasn't PJ's first time behind the wheel of a full-size automobile as his grandpa, Angela's husband often asked PJ to rearrange their cars in the driveway or yard. He did all this under grandpa's close watch. However, PJ never actually took the car out onto the road and the trip to the hospital last week was his first time. “He’s an extra special little boy and he doesn’t ask for anything in return,” said Angela. “He noticed my demeanour, and right when I was about to go down to the ground, that’s when he springs into action,” Brewer-Laye told 13WTHR about PJ on Thursday. Revealing that they often spend time together outside, Angela said: "He always rides either his four-wheeler, go-kart or his dirt bike while I'm trying to get a little exercise in." 



 “This child is only 11 years old and drives like a pro,” she said. “He drove me home, and he pulled in the driveway. And when I say he pulled in the driveway so precise, because my driveway is kind of narrow … He didn’t go up the curb, in the grass, nothing. He pulled in the driveway, in the garage, and helped me out the car,” said Angela, adding that he was “calm and collected” at the wheel, even during an emergency. 



The Brewer-Laye family has several cars and we wondered why PJ chose the Mercedes-Benz. The 12-year-old's grandma went on to explain that it was simply the easiest vehicle for him to reach at the time. We might also say the boy has picked up a bit of flair for classy cars early on in life too. One viewer, who saw 11Alive’s coverage on YouTube said, “Pj been wanting to drive that Mercedes for a long time. Such a smart young man.” Another joked that PJ drove the luxury vehicle “with class.” In a Facebook post about the incident, Brewer-Laye wrote that PJ “is absolutely a lifesaver,” and claimed that he “can drive better than his momma”.

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