11-Month-Old Baby Thinks Her Name Is Alexa After Hearing Her Parents Talk To Amazon Echo

11-Month-Old Baby Thinks Her Name Is Alexa After Hearing Her Parents Talk To Amazon Echo

The toddler doesn't respond to her real name as much as she responds to "Alexa."

Image Source: TikTok/Charlotte Moultrie

While technology might be making life easier for us, it does give room to many baffling situations. Take this one, for example. A little girl reportedly forgot her real name and got it confused with Amazon Echo's AI. She thinks her name is Alexa and not Emily, probably because she's been hearing her parents call out to Alexa more than Emily. Yes, it's absolutely real and twenty-year-old Charlotte Moultrie uploaded a Tik Tok video of her daughter whose real name is Emily. When Moultrie calls out her real name, the toddler doesn't respond, but the minute she says 'Alexa' the toddler responds. 


Moultrie's video has over 1.3 million views now and based on the comments, this doesn't seem to be a rare problem. In the short video, we see Moultrie taking her daughter out for a stroll and announcing, "So we've got a slight problem here." She then proceeds to call out to her daughter and repeats her name, "Emily" a few times. But the baby with her pacifier is distracted and does not seem to hear her mother at all. When Moultrie said "Alexa," the baby's head snapped towards her mother and she looked right at her.


She recognized Alexa and not Emily! "No, you're name's Emily, not Alexa," a slightly worried Moultrie said while laughing. "Oh my God, what am I going to do?" Seems like Charlotte and Andy, the parents of the baby with the mistaken identity, have become victims of the omnipresent technology. The couple, hailing from Douglas, Isle of Man purchased the Amazon Echo Dot - which is a hands-free smart speaker that you control using your voice - when Emily was just five-months-old, reports Storytrender. It responds to the name Alexa. The parents would have called out to Alexa for things like playing music and setting alarms. 

This probably led the baby to think they were calling out to her, because how could a simple piece of technology be more important than her, right? “Every time you shout her name, she ignores you and then I say Alexa and she looks at me. I was so worried she thought her name was Alexa when it first happened!" shared the parents. “She does it all the time now; if she’s playing in her room or crawling away we can’t get her attention unless we shout Alexa. My husband came home from work and said we’re going to have to change the Alexa name to Echo but then we thought she might think her name is Echo!"


"Emily’s crazy; she has two crazy parents. She’s a big people person and wants to hug and kiss everyone. She’s a really happy baby but has definitely started throwing temper tantrums. I was so shocked by how viral it went. I post silly videos all the time and I thought it was quite funny but I just thought our close friends and family would see it. We both got TikTok for a laugh in lockdown. I put my phone away for the night and woke up to thousands of likes. I’ve had to turn my notifications off because it’s constantly going!” Now they're using the Echo manually to avoid the name.  “We’re going to have to manually use it now and get up every time we want it to do something”. They need to find another way to play music to Emily who thinks she's Alexa. 


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