10-Yr-Old Scales Iconic Yosemite Peak That's 3,000 Feet High, Becomes Youngest Person To Do So!

10-Yr-Old Scales Iconic Yosemite Peak That's 3,000 Feet High, Becomes Youngest Person To Do So!

Selah Schneiter was born to climb. Her parents too are climbing enthusiasts with her dad owning a climbing guide company. She's the youngest person to scale the iconic California peak.

As they say, your limitation is only your imagination, and this 10-year-old girl has proven just that. Climbing “The Nose” of Yosemite’s El Capitan in itself is a great task, one that even highly skilled mountain climbers find difficult. But, Selah Schneiter did it at age 10 according to HuffPost.  She conquered the 3,000 vertical feet of steep granite that was once considered to be unconquerable! "I was scared just sometimes,” she told Outside Magazine in an interview. "I thought it was really fun." At the tender age of 10, Schneiter is petite weighing 55 pounds and stands at a height four foot two.  Her mom Joy states that her daughter loves math and playing the guitar and is "silly and plays make-believe."  



Selah, who's from Colorado, is known as the youngest person to climb to the top of the California peak, according to the magazine. She reached the top on June 12 with her father, Mike Schneiter, and a close family friend, Mark Regier. To those who know Selah, this does not really come as a surprise. When she was three-days-old, she first touched a boulder. Clearly, this little girl was meant to scale great heights!



According to her parents who are climbing enthusiasts, Selah began learning to climb years ago. Her parents, Mike Schneiter runs a climbing guide company in Colorado, while mother Joy Schneiter, is a registered nurse. The duo is said to have fallen in love on an El Capitan climb back in 2001, according to a report by The Denver Post. While Selah, Mark, and Mike took five days to complete the journey at a leisurely pace, Joy Schneiter stayed home with her three youngest children.



Like any mother, even though Joy was confident about her skills, she was worried about her safety. "Selah’s still learning how to lead trad, but she’s been picking up big-wall skills for quite a while," Joy said. "I was worried about her capacity to do that much work with such a small body. But I knew that Mike would keep her safe. I’m really proud of her." But Mark says the climb was worth it, and it was Selah's idea, reports the Alpinist



"We did this climb for us; it was her energy and her idea," he said. He took to Instagram to share the experience and wrote: After five days on El Cap our ten-year-old daughter topped out, fulfilling a longtime goal that she had worked hard towards. More to come about an amazing experience. And what did Selah do after accomplishing this impressive feat? She celebrated her victory by gorging on some delicious pizza with her family. 



Talking about her experience on scaling the iconic peak, she told The Fresno Bee, "I don’t think there was necessarily a hardest time. It was all hard. There were a few times where I would be sore and tired and sunburned, and that would kind of get me going a little bonkers. But overall, it was just great to be up there away from the world."



People were amazed by her courage and determination. A user named @robertbreischdesigns wrote: Bravo! I am scared to death from heights, so, I would never try a feat like you have accomplished! Good Job! You may want to become a Park ranger someday! As always, there were people with negative comments, to which, Instagram user @simplisticsensationstravel added: Don't listen to the haters on here. This is AWESOME, especially for being so young! She's an inspiration to little girls everywhere!


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