These 25 Memes On The #10YearChallenge Will Hit All The Right Spots In Your Mind

These 25 Memes On The #10YearChallenge Will Hit All The Right Spots In Your Mind

Employing a little dark humor here and there people have come up a new version of the 10 year challenge and it's hilarious!

Internet challenges come and go and in the short while that they do stick around they result in some interesting outcomes for us. Likewise, the #10 Year Challenge was a huge success that inspired several people, to flaunt how much they have changed in ten years. While some of them took a serious turn enumerating the various climatic changes the world has faced during this time, there were several others who didn't miss an opportunity to turn them into relatable memes.

1. Your device is under threat.



2. Was it even necessary?



3. Looks like someone got a huge upgrade!



4. The sad reality of employment!



5. It's always better to be safe than sorry, people!



6. Drink up!



7. When did this happen?



8. It's a reserved spot! How did we not see this coming?


9. Low blow, pal!



10. He'll make you wait because he can.



11. Because Photoshop...



12. Wish we could turn back time



13. Time for some oral hygiene lesson!



14. Gone are those days...



15. Time has been kind to him



16. Remember this famous egg?



17. Some things never change!



18. Gillette strikes again!



19. What's your take on this?



20. There's still hope!



21. Some real-life struggles



22. Now this deserves a change!



23. The brighter the better...



24. The future won't be clear and that's for sure!



25. Kardashians everywhere!


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