10 Ways To Make Mother's Day A Special One For Your Mom This Year!

10 Ways To Make Mother's Day A Special One For Your Mom This Year!

May 12 is almost here and it's time to make your mom feel truly loved and blessed. Love comes in all shapes and sizes!

May 12th is almost here and it's time to make our moms feel special. We may have had issues with our mom growing up, but then we realize just how much we love them when we move out of our homes and start living independently. We miss them so much and we wish we could just go back home and spend every waking minute with them. May 12 is just one of those many days where we get to shower our mom with love, but if you're someone who stays away and want to make them feel special, here are a few things you could probably do. Make this the best day of their lives, because it's all worth it at the end. They've done just so much for you, that it feels good to give back!

1. Shower her with gifts


Your mom has done everything possible to give you a comfortable life. You're now independent because of all the sacrifices she made for you. She always made sure you had the best clothes to wear and the best food to eat. It's time to give it back to her. What does your mother like? You're bound to have a fair idea, so when you get time, pick something up for your mother and send it to her. Better yet, deliver it to her in person. It's going to be worth it.

2. Have one meal together


If you can't figure out what to get her, then go ahead and gift her your time. Make sure you take her out for a meal and treat her like she deserves to be. This will also give you some time to catch up with your mother if you haven't in a long time. This may not mean much to you, but for her, this will definitely be something she's going to cherish for a really long time. She's finally getting to spend some time with her baby!

3. Watch a movie together


You could totally plan a full day filled with activities. Your mom probably still has a lot of stuff to take care of, so movies are something she might not have time for, especially if she's someone who wouldn't go for one alone. Go out with her, take her for a movie, Stuff your faces with some buttery popcorn and have the time of your life. Trust me, this will mean a lot to your mom when it's done. 

4. Go shopping


If you really don't know what to get your mom, then how about taking her shopping so she can pick something up that she really wants? That way you won't be worried about whether or not she liked the gift, and she wouldn't feel bad if she doesn't, even though chances of her not liking the gift you give her are close to nil. It's all about the gesture, but just to be on the safer side, take her out to buy her own gift!

5. Take a long walk


You guys probably haven't caught up in ages, except for those abrupt phone calls to ask if you're doing fine. Honestly, she gets that you're on a very tight schedule and doesn't have enough time to talk to her in detail like you once did, but that does not mean she misses it. This mother's day, go out with your mom on a walk so that you both can catch up, and get a whiff of fresh air. It's going to be one fantastic walk!

6. Do your favorite things together


While growing up, you probably had some routine that you did only with your mom, like bake a fresh batch of cookies every Sunday or paint. Spend some time together doing something both of you love. It's going to be quite special and very emotional, but it's all going to be worth it. This is surely going to bring back a lot of memories, and it's going to be a walk down memory lane for both of you.

7. Simply sit back, and relax


If you're not the cheesy kind, and you just want to make your mom feel special on her day, then how about just relaxing? That's right, you don't have to break your head over what to give her or what to do, or where to go for a meal. All you need to do is plonk yourself next to her, put up your feet on the coffee table and RELAX. Indulge in some hot chocolate as you guys talk about what's happening and just chill.

8.  Call all the other mother (figures) in your life


It's a day to appreciate all the mother figures in your life and giving them a call would make them feel so much better. Hey, you've always considered your best friend's mom like yours, so doesn't she deserve a call from you? That's definitely going to make you, and her feel so special, and simply strengthen the bond you guys share. It's all about the thought, and this call from you will show her that you do think of her and that she means a lot to you. 

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