10 Shot And 4 Dead In Tragic California Mass Shooting

10 Shot And 4 Dead In Tragic California Mass Shooting

A group of 35 to 40 people, including several kids, had gathered in the backyard of a Fresno home for a football viewing party when an unidentified gunman opened fire.

An "unknown suspect" claimed the lives of four and injured at least 10 during a tragic mass shooting which took place in California, reports authorities. The devastating incident took place on November 17, around 8 PM when a group of family and friends had gathered to watch a game of football in the backyard of a home in Fresno’s southeast side, California. Lieutenant Bill Dooley from the police department revealed that the shooter, who snuck into the area suddenly opened fire. 


"What we do know is that this was a gathering, a family and friend gathering in the backyard," said Dooley according to a report by CNBC. "Everyone was watching football this evening when unknown suspects approached the residence, snuck into the backyard and opened fire." There were about 35 to 40 people at the house, including several children, at the time of the shooting, reports CNN. As soon as the authorities were alerted about the situation through several 911 calls, the first-responders arrived at the location around 8 PM "Thank God that no kids were hurt," added Dooley. 


On arrival, officers found many suffering from gunshot wounds and had to immediately perform CPR, Fresno Police Deputy Chief Michael Reid reportedly told news outlets. Furthermore, he revealed that there were no indications that the gunman knew the victims. In an attempt to keep sensitive information under wraps, authorities did not reveal the identity of the victims. However, they did mention that the men who succumbed to the gunshots were all aged between 25 and 30. Among the ones who died, three of them were already pronounced dead on the scene while the fourth was taken to the Community Regional Medical Center, where he succumbed to the severity of his injuries.


In addition to this, Reid said that five other victims were taken to the same hospital with non-life threatening gunshot wounds and one was admitted to a different hospital where he is being treated for a graze injury. "My heart goes out to the families that are victims of this senseless violence," said Reid acknowledging the heartbreak that the families of the victims have been forced to deal with. Although the perpetrator is still on the streets, Reid assured that the department is doing everything in their power to locate and prosecute the accused of this heinous act of violence. "We are going to do everything we can to find out who the perpetrators are and bring them to justice," added Reid. 


During a briefing, Dooley revealed that there was no information available regarding the suspect's identity or even a description of the gunman's vehicle. Officers are now going through surveillance footage from that night and knocking on every door in the neighborhood in an attempt to find some witnesses who might have any information about the suspected person. The shooting which took place about half-mile from the city’s airport did not have any history of calls regarding service at the home, informed Reid. 


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