10 Reasons Why My Older Sister Is The Most Important Woman In My Life

10 Reasons Why My Older Sister Is The Most Important Woman In My Life

My older sister's my best friend, my advisor, and my mom, and she's the best thing that's ever happened to me!

Family doesn't always get along, but when they do, there's honestly nothing better than that. Growing up, life was tough, but the only thing that got me through it all was my older sister. She was my best friend, my soul mate, my secret keeper and my mom, all in one. I could talk to her about boys, about my life and all my trivial troubles and she'd lend a sympathetic ear to all my woes. But, she'd also put me in my place if I ever made a mistake. To that, I'm thankful and grateful to have a sister. Here are some of the reasons why I know I'm blessed to have a sister:


1. I can tell her stuff that I can't tell anyone else:

I know, even if I've committed murder, I can always confide in my sister and she will make sure that I get away with it, and she won't tell a soul. However, I also know she's going to make sure I pay for my sins. The thing is, I've always been able to tell my sister things that I couldn't even tell my mom. I knew she'd understand me and help me out if I really needed it. I could always be honest with her. 

2. She's always been there for me:

Puberty is not easy and the mood swings are even worse. Growing up, I always doubted myself, but my sister was my #1 cheerleader, always vouching for me and boosting my confidence levels. She made me believe in me and that I deserve everything good and nice in the world. 


3.  She's seen much more of life than I have:

Grace and poise and wisdom are words that define my sister. She's 6 years older than I am and that means she's gone through all the phases I have much earlier, and so she can give me some proper insight into it.  Boys, feelings and everything about the world, she's experienced it and she's always given me such great advice.

4. She's made sure my feet were firmly stuck to the ground: 

My sister, with all her experience, always made sure to let me know that life is not a fairytale. She's never been ashamed to smack me back into reality either, but because of that, I know what to expect and whatnot, and if it weren't for her, I'd have surely lost my way. 


5. I always had two wardrobes of clothes:

Hey, the biggest advantage of having a sister is that you get to ransack her wardrobe and her makeup and she just can't say anything. That's the law! I, for one, made full use of this non-existent rule and had a ball with her clothes, because hers always seemed cooler to me. She seemed cooler to me than I could ever be. 

6. My sister's always been sure of my potential:

Even when I had zero faith in myself, my sister believed in me. She always reminded me that failure is the stepping stone of success and never let me quit. She had complete faith in me and always told me that greatness was in my destiny and thanks to her, I am where I am now. 


7. She always knows how you're feeling:

Age doesn't matter, my sister somehow always knows what I'm going through. She doesn't even need to see me, she can figure it out with just a phone call. The best part about this is that she's always said the right things to me and made sure I was feeling better. 

8. She's always going to be my first best friend:

My friends always had best friends, but some of them changed during different stages of their lives. However, for me, it's always been constant and it's always been my sister. It still is, and it's something that's never going to change. 


9. She's always given me great advice:

My sister knows things, she just does and she's always, always given me advice, but only when I ask her for it. She's never been a woman of too many words, but sometimes she lets out these pearls of wisdom that I cherish till date. 

10. I always have a place to call home:

We grew up and life happened to us, but even today, I can turn up at my sister's doorsteps and she's going to welcome me with open arms and lead me to a room where I can plonk myself for however long I want, no questions asked. Home is where my sister is. 


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