You Can Now Make Kaleidoscope Roses At Home, And They Are Stunning

You Can Now Make Kaleidoscope Roses At Home, And They Are Stunning

A vibrant bouquet of this will make such a great gift to a loved one!

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We all love receiving flowers. Roses, in particular, are classic and have been a staple in romantic gestures. Blossoming red roses have always said, "I love you". Did you know that the other colors also had special meanings? White roses are often used during somber occasions, yellow petals are associated with friendship and cheer, peach roses symbolize gratitude and black roses (contrary to what you may think) actually signify rebirth and new beginnings, according to Good House Keeping. But have you ever heard of or even come across these stunning flowers called kaleidoscope roses, otherwise known as rainbow roses before?






According to Floraly, the idea of these gorgeous flowers came from a man named Peter van de Werken, a flower grower from the Netherlands. He used natural dyes and took roughly around 6 months to get his technique right. Now the method is so easy you can just do it at home! A white or cream-colored rose, the Dutch Vendela, is a popular choice to create rainbow roses. Do note that these beauties cannot be grown in your garden. They cannot be grown from seeds or cuttings in your backyard, so beware of retailers trying to dupe you with the promise that this can be done using seeds. There's a careful coloring process that results in these stunners.





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According to Taste of Home, you can still make them at home. For your DIY roses, here's what you need:

1. Scissors
2. Food coloring
3. White roses (as many as you like)

1. Add 10-12 drops of food coloring into narrow and different containers of water.
2. Look for a white rose (or any pale-colored rose) that is just starting to open.
3. Then cut the end of the stem, and make vertical cuts down its length to create about 3-4 sections
4. Bend the sections gently apart, and place each into their respective water-and-dye-solution to soak up some color for a few days. 

What's exciting is that you'll start noticing the colors changing as early as 30 minutes after setting up. But for the best results is just be a little patient and allow the rose(s) to bathe in the dye pools for a few days. Some people also use floral spray-on colors for the effect. Although easy, many have said that this method may be more expensive.




So, if you want to make a dramatic statement with flowers at home, this is one way to go. Alternately, you can gift these handmade gorgeous blooms to your loved ones on their birthday or on a special day like Valentine's, or even if you have messed up, this is a unique way to apologize to them, because it comes from the heart, and you did create them! It's unique, vibrant, and gorgeous, and certainly one-of-a-kind!






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