Woman Finds Boyfriend Of 5 Years Cheating On Her With His Ex, Ghosts Him Completely

Woman Finds Boyfriend Of 5 Years Cheating On Her With His Ex, Ghosts Him Completely

The woman walked into his home to find him cuddled up with his ex-girlfriend. She blocked him from everywhere, left the city and didn't let him get in touch with her again!

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Not everyone is lucky to find the love of their life in the first attempt. Some people spend years looking for their soulmate, and in the process, they cross paths with people who aren't meant for them, but they stick around. Some stick around for months, and some, years. This is the story of a woman who spent five years with the wrong man and then finally realized she deserved much better. The woman took to Reddit to share her story, of how she walked in on her boyfriend and his ex sleeping. The worst part was that she went over to give him a surprise, but she was the one who ended up getting one. 

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I came over to his house one morning to surprise him with breakfast and a video game he wanted, only to find him naked, asleep, and with his ex curled up in his arms. He didn’t hear me come in, so I closed his bedroom door and left his breakfast and game on the kitchen counter along with my key to his house. She knew better than to wake him up and cause a scene. She knew that if someone could have done this, despite being in a relationship for five years, it didn't really matter to them. So she did the next best thing.  I went to my car, deactivated my Facebook, and blocked him on all other forms of social media. I then called my phone provider to change my number before driving off.


She also let her family know that the relationship was over. I texted family members and close friends that we were no longer together and to block him on social media, as well. I didn’t tell them why. She decided she did not want to spend another minute in the same city as her cheating ex-boyfriend, and so she left a week later. I was in a position to end the lease at my apartment early, and I started a new job in a different city later that week. I completely removed myself from him and didn’t offer a shred of explanation or opportunity for dialogue. She also felt that after what he'd done to her, he did not deserve a goodbye, or a chance to explain himself. 

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I disappeared from his life after his betrayal and I think it’ll not only help me to focus on myself without his presence, but I think completely shutting myself off from him will hurt worse than anything when he thinks about how good he had it with me these last 5 years. Several people applauded her courage to walk away without creating a fuss because we all know just how hard it is. User neilv123 wrote: From everything I know about you so far, you are ultimate. The seed to be the best of us. Go as far as you can and move right on past the haters, nobody who hates is anywhere close to your league. Find someone with a fine, powerful, noble spirit and don't settle for less. Or don't. Just be a boss yourself and let them find you. And the way your life will shape up doesn't need to fit any mold. People of worth take all sorts of paths -- their own paths.

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Chunkyblewtuna added: Good for you. Most people don’t have your strength. The best revenge is to move on and be happy. Screw that guy. Snowpossum shared: I've been ghosted once in my life and it was horrible so I came in here thinking someone get me my pitchfork... However this is one of those few situations where its appropriate. If he's like this after five years of a relationship where your girlfriend is bringing you fucking video games and food? I mean that is fucking awesome; this guy is probably going to be toxic as fuck to deal with in a normal way. Its way better for her mentally. Since she's the victim, she gets first dibs on being happy.

Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit

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