Truck Driver Kills Kind Woman Who Helped Him Charge His Phone In Her Car, & Then Moves Into Her Home

Truck Driver Kills Kind Woman Who Helped Him Charge His Phone In Her Car, & Then Moves Into Her Home

He began using her Toyota and eating her food, and one local who got a peek of the house was horrified at the ransacked indoors that now greeted them.

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Julie Anne Cooper was born with a heart of gold. She was a 55-year-old grandmother who lived alone. She couldn't resist going all-in when she heard people around her needed help. This quality of hers made people fall in love with her. Unfortunately, it also became the cause of her death. On August 17, Julie went to the Saint George Hotel in Innaloo, Perth, where she ran into truck driver Mathew Hemsley, then 33 years old. When he mentioned his phone was out of battery and needed a place to recharge it, Cooper proposed he do so in her car without a moment's hesitation, reports Mirror. That was that for Cooper. The next thing her neighbors realized was that Cooper had left a note that read: "Dear visitors, I’ve gone away for two weeks with my wonderful new partner", and everyone saw Hemsley had now moved into her home.


Neighbors were quick to dismiss the note because it wasn't like Cooper to run off with a man they'd never even heard off, least of all without letting her friends and family know. They soon realized the unidentified man would often come and go and practically turned her Doubleview, Perth, home into his. When neighbors asked him who he was and why he was there, he simply said he was keeping the house till Cooper's return. He even began using her Toyota and eating all her food and one neighbor who got a sneak peek of the house was horrified at the ransacked indoors that now greeted them. They thought Cooper, a house-proud woman, would never be okay with that. Soon, a friend of hers received the same message that she was away with a man and that she would be away for a while.


Things began to take a turn as Cooper started missing appointments to her children's alarm and one of them came by to visit her. To his dismay, he found the house in utter disarray and he instantly called the cops to report her missing. Police in Western Australia picked up Hemsley around three weeks after Julie was last seen. During the questioning, he said they had been in a casual sexual relationship with her for a few weeks and he was staying at her home. He added that she asked him to move out because she was rekindling her romance with an ex and was going to move to Sydney and he wasn't sure where she was now. It was all a lie because they'd only met on August 17 at the pub and she'd offered to let him charge his phone.


Over a week later, police discovered Cooper's body dumped in bushland in Ashendon, east of Perth. The medical examiner concluded that she had been sexually assaulted and strangled. As police began to piece together the events, they uncovered that the suspect had taken advantage of Cooper's act of kindness and decided to assault and kill her without remorse. Despite that, Hemsley pleaded "not guilty" much to the shock of Cooper's family and instead spun a tale that she died because of an auto-erotic asphyxiation and sex session gone wrong, adding that he tried to save her but by then she was already dead. He added that he reportedly dumped her body and decided to stay in her house. But police found CCTV evidence of him making a trip to buy fuel to burn her body. He was soon charged with murder and sentenced to jail as more evidence was being gathered.


While in prison, he confided in a fellow inmate saying he choked her to death with the cord of a sleeping bag and "strung her up in a tree" before throwing her in a hole. In a 2020 hearing, he was sentenced to jail after the judge noted he was a "depraved and ruthless" killer. "You regard women in a misogynistic way, you regard them as a lesser person," he said. "You have not shown any remorse." He continued: "She had shown you kindness. Although you were a stranger, she had trusted you." The judge then sentenced Hemsley to life in prison and said that he would have to serve a minimum of 23 years before being eligible for parole. Cooper's son Jake Day said the family was happy with the sentence and the justice her mom received.


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