Man Reveals His Son Is "Really His Uncle" In Video And The Internet Is Confused

Man Reveals His Son Is "Really His Uncle" In Video And The Internet Is Confused

The man named Samir, who goes by @stacks1400 on the video-sharing platform, was seen crying in a clip that was viewed 11 million times.

Image Credit: Twitter/ @markeetamescudi

A TikToker went viral after he shared a post about how his son was "really his uncle." The man named Samir, known as @stacks1400 on the video-sharing platform, left a lot of people confused. But he later garnered their sympathy when he explained the whole situation. Samir revealed his grandfather had been sleeping with his girlfriend, while the couple stayed with him. It was only later that he found out the truth, which devastated him. He was seen crying in one video while wiping away his tears with a face mask. Samir's heartbreaking story was viewed over 11 million times with many leaving comments of encouragement and support for the man. The text on Samir's video read:"Found out my son was really my uncle," according to a Comic Sands report.



He added, "My granddad was f*king my girl the whole time we was staying with him." He stated further, "Can't believe I expected more from a man that had a whole other family around the corner from my granny house." In another video posted later, Samir is seen with a face filter of a clown and wrote over the video: "Me still wanting to be apart of my son/uncle's life..." He added, "Why would my grandfather hurt me like this?" Samir explained that he and his girlfriend had been invited by his grandfather to stay at his place when the couple was going through a hard couple of years. They didn't have to pay any rent but only later knew that the grandfather had other sinister plans. He started sleeping with Samir's girlfriend the whole time the couple stayed there. It is not known how complicit his girlfriend was in all of this. 



In another video, Samir explained how he found out about the whole affair. "She was in the shower, and I had the phone. The baby was on youtube and it kept dinging. And I just went through the messages and it was years worth of messages and pictures and explicit stuff. And people just like 'I would do something to him,' but it's like, what would I do, it's my granddad and it's a girl and it was consensual. It's just messed up they played me like that. He's the one that invited us to live with him. It's f'ked up," said Samir. Recently, a woman on TikTok uploaded a video detailing how her youngest son was her "eldest son's uncle," according to The Sun. The nurse, who went by the name @tangerinemuch on the video-sharing platform, shared the clip which was soon viewed millions of times. She got married at 19 to her stepson.



She explained: "He was my first love so we had a baby. Then he started cheating on me with my cousin. The only person I could think to talk to about it was his dad. His dad helped me get away, but at the same time, we fell in love. I got a divorce and his dad moved me to a condo. I got pregnant and married my ex's (stepson) dad then found out he was cheating with my ex's new girlfriend. So I started cheating with my ex-husband (stepson), divorced the dad, and now my son is my oldest son's uncle."The video was viewed over 1.6 million times and got over 100,000 likes and 12,000 comments.

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