This Good Samaritan Has Been Replacing Racist Grafitti In Their Neighborhood With Cat Pictures

This Good Samaritan Has Been Replacing Racist Grafitti In Their Neighborhood With Cat Pictures

The anti-racism hero has been using cat stickers from the Australian brand, Cracks Appearing Distro, to fight bigotry in their neighborhood.

Image Source: Cracks Appearing Distro

A neighborhood should feel safe for everyone who lives there. It shouldn't matter where you're from or what you look like. However, not everyone has this privilege. With the recent rise in xenophobia and bigotry across the world, it can be difficult to be a person of color. Though the world has become increasingly more multi-cultural, it appears that doesn't mean anything; there are still people out there who want to spew hatred. Some of them take to the streets to paint racist graffiti on public property. If you're Jewish or a person of color, it can be nothing short of traumatizing to confront graffiti that calls for your oppression. Thankfully, a good samaritan has found a solution to the problem.


On the streets of Manchester, residents started seeing stickers of a lazy cat next to some text. The text reads, "There was some racist rubbish here but I covered it up with this picture of a cat." So, while you may be a dog person, it's definitely better to see a cute cat rather than a swastika or racial slur on a wall you're passing by. Clearly, someone was tired of being assaulted by xenophobic graffiti and wanted to make their neighborhood feel safer for all of its residents and guests. The person behind the random act of kindness is yet to be identified, but the stickers are from an online seller called Cracks Appearing Distro.


The stickers, measuring 175 by 90 millimeters (or about 6.9 by 3.5 inches), is a "cover-up" for those who are fed up with racist folks taking to their city's walls and other public property with a can of spray paint. According to their product description, the stickers are expected to last outdoors for up to 6 months after being stuck. The description affirms, "Their intended use is to cover up racist propaganda." The clever Manchester resident used the stickers from Cracks Appearing Distro exactly as they were intended to be used. The store, which its owners describe as an "anarchist distro operating on stolen land in so-called Australia," sells several products aimed at deconstructing oppressive social systems.


The store specializes in "mostly militant antifascist, feminist, indigenous, anti-cop, prison-abolitionist hard anarcho lefty propaganda and merch," as per their website. Its owners state, "Cracks Appearing Distro (CAD) is a mostly fun but also militant project that we run to get awesome stickers, merch, and other rad lefty commo art stuffs to people so that they can get it up on the streets and also because sometimes having nice things is… Well, really nice. Communism is not just about having what we need but also being free enough to have the things we want, and so we have priced our wares so that hopefully most people can afford to have some of the nice things if they want them, but also so that we can work towards making a profit." At present, they claim their store is running on an overall deficit. However, with more awareness about their products, they could soon be able to make a profit and ensure "rad left commo art stuffs" become more accessible for everyone.


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