You Can Now Get A Device That Vaccums Your Fart & Filters The Awful Smell

You Can Now Get A Device That Vaccums Your Fart & Filters The Awful Smell

Called the FartVac, it comes for around $10

Image Credit: Facebook/ FartVac

For people who suffer from the condition of uncontrollable flatulence, here's something that can help you a great deal. The FartVac. It's a "vacuum and a filtering system" that neutralizes your fart ensuring you're not left embarrassed. The product's website mentioned, "Using a hand-activated air pump and an activated carbon filter, FartVac reduces the stench of flatulence." The device works by removing the unwanted gases under your clothing and then filters it with activated carbon technology. Those who buy the product should know some things about farts as the website explained: "Typically, farts are trapped by our clothing and don't escape the fibers for about 5 seconds."


It added, "This is the time when Fartvac can remove and filter them." And guess what? Even NASA uses a similar tech to neutralise odors in their space shuttles since opening the windows and doors is not an option. The website stated that the "activated carbon for odor and impurification filtration" is something that even the agency used. But can it totally eliminate the gross smells? The website was honest and stated there's no gaurantee that Fartvac will remove "all the smell from your horrible gas." But it is probably one of the few devices that tries to do this. According to doctors, farting 5 to 15 times a day is normal but if it exceeds this number, you should know there something wrong reports Healthline.


Explaining how farts caused, the website stated, "As you swallow a piece of food, mouthful of water, or simply your own saliva, you also swallow some air. This air builds up in your digestive system. More gas builds up when you digest food. Your body works to get rid of this gas either by farting or burping. All of this is normal. Your farts might be loud or silent. They might be stinky or they might be odorless." Certain foods like beans or raw vegetables can lead to more flautalence than usual for any average person. So avoiding these food can help you a great deal.



Other steps you can take to control your flautelance is to eat more frequent and smaller meals throughout the day, eat and drink more slowly, exercise regularly to prevent gas buildup in your digestive system, avoid fatty foods, give up smoking and chewing gum or consuming carbonated beverages like soda and beer. There are some medicines recommended by doctors that can one can take. But if you don't have the discipline to do any of these or of you've tried everything and still nothing works, then you can always turn to FartVac.


The comapny's website stated, "Farting is funny, we believe it isn't something that we should shame or be embarassed by. Our hope is that taking action to show others you are trying to reduce the smell will make loud and funny farts more acceptable in society." This world needs more laughter. Each device comes for $9.99 and can be ordered on the product's website or even at Amazon

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