A Student Was Stopped From Walking At Graduation Because Of His Shoes, So A Teacher Gave Him His

A Student Was Stopped From Walking At Graduation Because Of His Shoes, So A Teacher Gave Him His

Daverius Peters wore black sneakers with a white sole that a school admin deemed inappropriate for the graduation ceremony.

Image Source: Facebook/John Butler

Class of 2020 and 2021 have experienced much of their school life virtually. Many students did not even have the opportunity to experience a proper graduation ceremony. When it almost seemed like graduation ceremonies could not happen physically, some schools were able to organize it anyway. But one student would have been forced to miss it because of one small dress code detail. The student, Daverius Peters, was told that he would not be allowed to the graduation ceremony because his footwear did not seem appropriate for the ceremony. But it was thanks to the quick thinking of one teacher, Peters did not have to miss out on the expereince.



The 18-year-old from Hahnville High School in Boutte, Louisiana was barred from entering the convention center where the graduation ceremony was going to take place. “She said my shoes violated the dress code and I couldn’t attend the ceremony unless I changed them,” the senior told the Washington Post. The dress code for the school stated that male students had to wear dark dress shoes. They emphasised that “no athletic shoes” were to be worn. Peters had black leather sneakers with white soles on for the graduation but had followed the other mandatory dress code requirements.



While they weren’t traditional dress shoes, Peter thought he could wear them because they were black. The other requirements specidied that students must wear a white dress shirt and tie, with dark dress pants. He was stopped at the front door and was told he would not be allowed inside. “I was in shock. I felt humiliated. I just wanted to walk across the stage and get my diploma,” Peters said. He recalled how he started to panic and noted, "She just stopped me saying I couldn’t wear my shoes. Another kid had the exact same shoes, so I was confused."


The teen was imagining what his parents would think if he wasn’t permitted to attend his own graduation. He also did not have enough time to go shop for another pair of shoes. But at that point, thankfully, he spotted a familiar face. A paraeducator at his school, John Butler came to his rescue. “There were only about five minutes left until the doors to graduation closed, and I was waiting outside for my wife to join us when Daverius comes to me in a panic and tells me they are not letting him walk the stage to receive his diploma and graduate,” Butler told USA Today.

Source: Facebook


Butler took one look at Peters' shoe and could not believe it was something worth barring him from his own graduation. He went to the school official to discuss the matter who confirmed what his student had told him. Taking to Facebook Butler shared the incident. "In total disbelief I go down to confirm," he wrote in the post. "And sure enough she tells me the same thing. So then it becomes a no brainer to me, a no more questions asked scenario. I gave him the shoes on my feet." He even shared a picture with his student wearing his brown loafers while he stood in his grey socks.

“At first, he asked me what size I was,” Peters explained. “I said a 9, and he gave me his shoes. I slipped on his shoes like slippers because of how big it was.” When he was called on stage to receive his diploma, Butler said that "he had to slide his feet like Sleestak" and added how they had a good laugh after. While this drama was unfolding Peter's family were already inside and had taken their seats. When they saw Peters with brown shoes on instead of the black ones he had left home with, they were almost unsure if it was him or not. It was only after the story went viral that Peters' mom heard of it and had a conversation with the teacher.


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