Student Knocks Out Classmate After He Punched Teacher In The Face

Student Knocks Out Classmate After He Punched Teacher In The Face

You can really hear the connection between fist and face.

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Trigger warning: This story contains themes of violence. 

In modern times, we often see many children at school being aware of their rights and generally being quite self-empowered. Corporal punishment was definitely a bane which society is glad to be rid of but there are questions to be asked as to whether the situation has gone from children being afraid to their teachers to bullying them. Respect for teachers in the 21st century has been a highly spoken-about subject in hearings and debates as we witness many children in their late teens develop a very uncaring attitude towards them. 

This kid, however, took it to a whole other level. A shocking video has emerged showing a moment where a protective student goes on to knock out a classmate who had attacked their teacher, Metro reports. The aggressive footage shows a teacher trying to break up a fight between two students - one in a red hoodie and the other in a black one. The boy in the red then goes on to turn around and actually hit the teacher right in the face. The teacher, who was dressed in white and wearing glasses, then appears to fall to the ground after being hit before leaving the classroom. 



While the other students were worried that the fight between the two boys might go on, a third student comes in and punches the boy in the red hoodie straight in the head sending him down to the ground. The third student is heard saying: "Watch the f--- out, you just hit the fucking teacher.' He then adds: 'Chill your s---, you just hit the f---ing teacher, you don’t f---ing do that. Who the f--- do you think you are?"



After the scuffle, the teacher then reappears in the room appearing relatively unscathed. She then informs the group to stop fighting at once and separate. "He just f---ing hit you, that’s not cool," says the boy that came to her defense "It's not cool," the teacher replies. The kind of language and the behavior witnessed in this video is most certainly what we don't want to be seeing in a school classroom. Yet this is the kind of exposure that children have access to and thus emulate them in real life.



After the incident went viral on social media, people began to ask questions about the school where the incident took place. While it is unclear where the video was actually filmed or what school it was, it is definitely confirmed by LiveLeak as to have taken place in the United States. The clip spread quickly on social media on Wednesday after appearing on the website. There were others who said that the boy in the red clearly meant to hit the woman, despite contrary claims. Some people felt that the boy may have mistakenly hit the teacher believing her to one of the students who was involved in the fight.



The cause of this fight may have been something that needn't have resulted in a physical fight at all.  Regardless, such an incident must be discouraged and the authorities of each school must ensure that all manner of disputes is resolved peacefully. To disagree with someone is quite a normal thing, but to violently attack someone due to the disagreement cannot be the norm in our society. Violence on all levels is a bane, and seeing it take place in a school environment in front of children is the last thing we want for a better world. 

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