Smoking Has Too Many Adverse Effects On Your Health, Maybe This Will Convince You To Stop

Smoking Has Too Many Adverse Effects On Your Health, Maybe This Will Convince You To Stop

So, have you decided to stop smoking yet?

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Everyone knows smoking is injurious to health, but the ones addicted to it find it extremely difficult to let the habit go. In fact, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) estimates that 38 million Americans choose to light up a cigarette, without taking the health effects into consideration. What starts off as a bid to look cool amid our peers turns into a lifelong habit. Despite the number of health issues that arise due to smoking, the need for nicotine is real. According to the NHS (National Health Service), smoking every day poses a lot of risks to your health, especially your lungs and respiratory health: 

1. Smoking is known to weaken your immune system:


The CDC states that smoking can lower your immune system which makes people who smoke prone to illnesses. The immune system works to protect your body from basic infections like the cold and flu as well as the more serious ones like cancer. A compromised immune system makes one sick much more often. Smoking is known to cause 84 percent of deaths due to lung cancer and 83 percent of deaths from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

2. Smoking narrows airways and destroys lung tissue:


In simple terms, smoking causes tar to accumulate in your lungs and your airways, and we know tar is not good for the human body. This makes it rather hard to breathe, especially for people with COPD. They find themselves out of breath much faster, even while performing the simplest of activities. Also, you're prone to have a persistent cough with phlegm and frequent chest infections.

3. You're more prone to cancer:


It's no rocket science that if you're a smoker, you are more prone to cancer, including throat and mouth cancer. Chemicals found in the cigarette can enter the bloodstream and flow through your entire body, which is why smokers are prone to several different types of Cancer

4. Inflammation build-up in your lungs:


Smoking everyday causes inflammation build up in your lungs which, in turn, makes it harder to breathe. Not just that, but smoking destroys the tiny air sacs in your lungs, known as alveoli. It can't grow back, so this means you cause permanent damage to your lungs when you smoke. Now, these are some of the several reasons smoking is bad for you. But, if you're still in need of some motivation to stub the habit, then read on:

1. You'll get to live longer:


In the United States alone, smoking kills up to half a million adults annually. Even if you're someone who used to smoke a pack or two a day for 10 years in a row, it will always be helpful to you when you stop. Seriously, stop smoking and spend more time with the people who really care about you. 

2. You finally get to breathe easier:


You cough, you smoke, and you cough again. Have you ever wondered why? You got the nagging cough in the first place because of the smokes, but it doesn't go away because you've never taken a break from smoking. If you ever decide to give up on this habit, the first thing you'll lose is the cough. This, in turn, will help you finally BREATHE better!

3. You will have a stronger heart:


Smoking regularly will have you making a beeline to having a heart attack. Smoking is known to make your heart beat faster; your arteries tighten and that causes irregular heartbeats. This makes your heart work harder, and may cause a cardiac arrest. Smoking is also known to cause high blood pressure and increase your chances of having a stroke. 

4. You'll sleep better:


Whiter teeth and better skin are some of the many advantages you get when you stop smoking. But the best thing about quitting is all the sleep you'll finally get. Even at night, when you sleep, your body craves for nicotine which causes disruption in your slumber. When you quit, your body adjusts, and eventually, you will get some good shut eye. 

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