Racist White Man Harasses Black Man Who Was Minding His Own Business And Kept His Cool

Racist White Man Harasses Black Man Who Was Minding His Own Business And Kept His Cool

The White man provoked the Black man, threw fake punches, and even tried to kick him before a Walmart employee quickly escorted him away before things could escalate.

Image Source: Twitter/davenewworld_2

A video of a White man trying to pick a fight with a Black man is going viral on Twitter. The incident took place in Austin, Texas at a Walmart. The White man started harassing an innocent Black man out of the blue and tried to provoke him with "karate chops." The interaction was caught on camera by a freelance journalist who then posted the video on Twitter. The video has been watched over 1.4 million times and retweeted over 6k times, with over 18.5k likes. The user, davenewworld_2 shared the video with the caption, "Racist in Texas harasses an innocent Black man who stays calm and keeps his cool."



In the video, we see the Black man standing at the end of the aisle and walk away from someone. Then the White man emerges animatedly addressing the Black man saying, "Oh oh don't try to go too far and start something right? Right?" He then tries to further provoke him and asks, "You want to see my back kicks?" The Black man stands his ground and does not say anything, when the other man starts to walk away, he waves him away. Seeing this, the White man comes back saying, "See this is what I'm tired of. You guys think...you Black people think you're so strong...and everything."



The White man continued to provoke the Black man, telling him to "make a move." A woman's voice could be heard in the background to call the cops as the White guy starts to throw fake punches in the Black man's face. He even tries to kick him as a Walmart employee quickly whisks him away before he does something worse. The Black man then approaches the videographer and tells him with a smile, "Pokémon Snap just came out. I was trying to get Pokémon Snap." The one-sided face-off ended as well as it could have before things could escalate.



The calm demeanor of the Black customer and the quick action by the Walmart employee was praised by the people of Twitter. One user wrote, Wow, that's just being a violent a******. Good job of staying calm by the victim and the staff person. Another person was in disbelief at the abhorrent behavior and tweeted, There must be a gene we can isolate as the cause of this aberrant behavior in white males between ages 18 and 38 (or post-insurrection, age 68) because not *all* white people behave that way, nor do most even support those types of deplorably delinquent overt acts of racism.















There are several incidents every year about innocent Black people being attacked, or worse, killed for just existing. Last year alone, there were several cases that garnered national and international attention including the incidents of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery. The Black Lives Matter movement picked up steam yet again, providing yet another opportunity for people to rethink their principles and racist beliefs, to look at the inherently racist society and system we live in. But the protests were met with state-sponsored violence that allowed the dust to settle back on the system that needs to reform.



"It makes me think my life can be taken at any given time, just because I have brown skin, because I'm Black, because since I was a little girl I've seen the way black people in America are treated and all over the world. It's a really unsettling state of mind to be in," activist Jazlyn Geiger told the BBC. The weight of racism in America continues to exist in the present. It is all too clear with incidents such as these.





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