Mom Says Her Newborn Was Snatched From Her And Placed In Foster Care Due To Hospital Mix-Up

Mom Says Her Newborn Was Snatched From Her And Placed In Foster Care Due To Hospital Mix-Up

The Perry County mom says the hospital workers misidentified her with another patient who had narcotics in their system. 

Cover image source: Twitter | Lu Ann Stoia

Heather Smith went through a roller coaster of emotions on June 15 when she learned about her pregnancy just minutes before giving birth. But that was just one of the things that shook the 32-year-old Ohio resident. Smith gave birth to her child at a hospital in Zanesville. Before the excitement of becoming a mother for the first time could even sink in, she allegedly became a victim of a distressing mix-up. According to ABC6, the Perry County mom says she was prevented from taking her newborn daughter home after the hospital workers misidentified her with another patient who had narcotics—meth and fentanyl—in their system. 

Smith arrived at Genesis Hospital after she began experiencing excruciating pain which she assumed was possibly appendicitis. At that point, pregnancy did not even cross her mind as doctors had previously diagnosed her with severe endometriosis and said she could not have children. "Within a year and a half I had eight surgeries," shared Smith, who was nervous and excited at the prospect of finally becoming a mom. Thankfully, her child was healthy and weighed 7 pounds 9 ounces, and was 21 inches long. But the hospital refused to give Smith her own child. 



"The baby’s drug screen came back clean," recalled Smith who delivered baby Sage at Genesis Hospital. "The core blood from the placenta came back clean. Wouldn’t she be having a lot of withdrawal symptoms? Wouldn’t she be sick? For me, to supposedly have these drugs in my system, please please prove that to me under my date of birth. Prove it to me under my name. My registration number." Smith, who still has her hospital identification bracelet which contained the incorrect information, said that she even tried to correct one of the staff members while she was at the hospital. "I actually corrected them in the hospital. And I said this is not me. She took my ID and scanned it. Brought it back. She should have cut that bracelet off," she said, adding, "At this point, I think it’s more they don’t want to admit their mistake."



While the reports from the hospital said she had meth and fentanyl in her system, the new mother denied using any addictive drugs. "Just the powder of that stuff, if it gets on your skin, it’s lethal. To have that in my system and my baby not, there is no chance," she explained. On June 16, Smith left the hospital and has since been trying to clear her name with the hospital and social workers without any success. "If you need my left arm, I will give it to you. Whatever it takes to get her home I will give it to you," said the mother who is desperate to hold her child. When the outlet contacted Genesis Hospital, a spokesman said they count not release any information because of the privacy laws. 



As for Perry County Children Services, they explained that the law prevents them from even acknowledging Smith as a client, or reveal if their staff had conducted any additional drug screening on the woman. Smith, who lives with Sage's father Rob Gleason, is completed heartbroken at this point as the pair is unable to see their child, who they consider the biggest blessing of their lives. "For me not even to have the chance to feed her yet, not even feed her yet has just completely thrown my world upside down," said the mother who has been suffering for almost two weeks. "Why? Why is she not here? Why have you not done more tests? Why have you not answered my questions? All I want is my child home with me in my arms. Please let me be the mom I always wanted to be."

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