Man Puts Plastic Bag On Two Kids And Suffocates Them To Death To Take Revenge On Ex-Wife

Man Puts Plastic Bag On Two Kids And Suffocates Them To Death To Take Revenge On Ex-Wife

Semir A wanted to take revenge on his ex-wife because she replaced the father figure in her children's lives with a different man.

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Trigger warning: This report contains details of murder and suicide that readers may find disturbing

A father is set to face jail time after killing his children in an act of revenge while making them believe he was playing cops and robbers. Semir A, dressed as a police officer, suffocated his two children to get back at his estranged wife for dumping him. According to The Sun, prosecutors argued that the 37-year-old heating engineer killed the two kids in the German city of Regensburg. The court heard that the man, dressed in a police outfit, bound the children Jamile 6, and Jamal, 8, with cable ties, and put plastic bags over their head before sealing them with tape. This incident is said to have occurred in May last year. The man then wrote a suicide note to their 29-year-old estranged wife Bianca and said: "Take care, see you in hell" and "The children are in heaven!" In the note, he also noted that he felt "replaced" as the children's father figure after his ex-wife started a fresh life with a different man. "I can't stand it when a stranger rules over my children" and "you preferred to go to the disco." 



The defendant tried to kill himself by jumping off a bridge into the River Danube but failed in the attempt as he was washed ashore alive and later arrested by the police. Chief Public Prosecutor, Thomas Rauscher, argued the following: "He did not want his children to live with Bianca’s new partner, to grow up with him and to be raised by him. The ice-cold murderer acted out of a selfish desire for power and possession over her." A son of a Romani and a Syrian, the defendant pleaded that he "felt helpless" because of the lockdown. He claimed he had separated from the children's mother five times because he landed up in jail several times due to a long criminal record. His first sentence arrived at the age of 17. Then he dropped out of school and did several odd jobs, before becoming known as a heroin user. He was even convicted of burning his partner's skin with a cigarette butt after being intoxicated on drugs. Another time, he was convicted for threatening to murder his ex-wife's father in 2012. The court is expected to deliver a verdict next month and the defendant is expected to be hit with a life sentence.


In a similar story of a heartless dad killing his children, a Texas man caused grievous bodily harm to his two-year-old son which led to his death, all because he got frustrated potty-training his toddler son. Antonio Hicks Sr. was arrested by Harris County Sheriff's Office in Houston, Texas after his son passed away at a local hospital because of his injuries, reports Daily Mail. As per authorities, Hicks took his unresponsive son to Houston Northwest Emergency Center on the same day where he was pronounced dead. The father then reportedly lied to the police about the nature of the child's injuries, which the authorities saw through after subsequent investigations revealed multiple injuries to the child, both recent and healing.



Court documents said that Hicks told the police that the injuries happened when they were out on a walk and a stranger attacked them. However, when he was pressed, Hicks later admitted that he "snapped" when he was potty training his son and beat him horribly. A KHOU report revealed that the mother was in an adjacent room when the horrific incident occurred. She heard several slaps which later turned into heavy punches. When she went to see what had happened, she found the child unresponsive. A Crime Online report suggests that the distraught mom attempted CPR on the child while Hicks rushed to call an ambulance. Currently, Hicks Sr. is in jail on a $250,000 bond, with the DA's office suggesting he may be slapped with additional charges once the child's autopsy results come in.


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