There's A Double Toilet For Lovers And It Lets Couples Poop At The Same Time Right Next To Each Other

There's A Double Toilet For Lovers And It Lets Couples Poop At The Same Time Right Next To Each Other

If you can share your bed and your clothes, then why not share the loo?

Image Source: YouTube/ SNL- The Love Toilet

Where exactly do you draw the line when it comes to personal space? I mean, those lines do get blurry with your partners on occasion, but just how far would you be willing to go? When you're dating someone you want to spend every waking minute with them and to cater to those needs, people come up with things that you never knew you wanted. So, wearing matching clothes and accessories are a given, but how to take it to the next level? We've heard of lover's seats, but how about we put two toilets together, so it's one? Yes, now you can spend time with each other, even in your most vulnerable moments. After all, love is accommodating, isn't it? 



So, it's basically a parody from SNL, but there are really modern versions of it. The double toilet parody commercial starred Kevin Nealon and Victoria Jackson and was featured in their 17th season back in 1991. Since then, the double toilet for lovers has become rather popular with the meme community, according to Oddity Mall. "You dine together, you play together, you sleep together, you even bathe together, so why not share the most intimate moments of them all, with, The Love Toilet." The two-seater poo-machine is said to be made from the finest porcelain to exist, to give your bottom the best of the best. 



It also comes with a dual-flush button right in the center of the dual-toilet that'll flush both of them at once. You both can press the button together, before or after you wash your hands after wiping because the choice is completely yours. Like I mentioned before there was an actual toilet made and the person who made it was inspired by the SNL video. It's called the Twodaloo. It was sold a while years ago, but the company's domain name wiserep.com has since expired. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that it may not have met that person's monthly targets at work. 


However, if you and bae are really looking for one, you can head over to Yanko Design for a more modernized version of that. The original version has you sitting face-to-face, but this seat will have you facing each other's back. Designed by Amigo Zhou, This is a Love Seat Toilet designed for two people to use together. The design is in a form of two attached piggy in order to make some fun of the most personal moment and make it less embarrassing. The user has to sit back to back to each other, this setting suggested that: you are very important to your loved one!



The Love Seat Toilet adds color to our daily life as it provides a chance for the couple to share the most personal time intimately together. It is a special moment for both of them. The enhancement of communications could also apply within a family, too. It is also an environment-friendly design as it could save a lot of water in the toilet when two people are using it at the same time. Valentine's Day is right around the corner, perhaps this is the best way to show your better half you love them? Or would you rather stick to the basics and just give them flowers and chocolates? Honestly, nothing will ever match up to such a gesture! 


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