Little Boy Finds Out "Two Princesses" Can Love & Marry Each Other And It's Wholesome

Little Boy Finds Out "Two Princesses" Can Love & Marry Each Other And It's Wholesome

Bea Webster-Mockett and her wife, Emma were at the Glasgow Botanic Gardens when they interacted with the curious boy.

Image Credit: Twitter/@bea_p_webster

A little boy who saw two women in their wedding gowns at a park learned that even "Princesses" could love and marry each other. In a heartwarming story shared by one of the women named Bea Webster-Mockett on her Twitter account, she put up the post on the occasion of their second marriage anniversary. Bea wrote of an encounter the couple had with a boy soon after they tied the knot and shared several pictures of the two in white wedding gowns as they spoke to the boy while they were shooting photographs. The boy was excited when he saw the two brides and thought they looked like "Princesses." Bea put up a caption of the interaction explaining to him that that "We married each other!" which soon went viral. Bea's wife, Emma told HuffPost, "My wife and I decided we had to speak to him. When they walked over, the boy asked, “Did one of you get married?”


Emma replied, “We married each other!” The boy then said, “Two princesses then?” to which his mom explained, “Yes, two princesses can marry each other!” The couple said the boy seemed completely surprised but in a delightful way. “I nearly cried! My wife was just over the moon. And we were both delighted that the boy’s mother didn’t hesitate and just stepped right in and normalized same-sex marriage,” she said. Emma added, “It was something we will never forge. And it made our day a bit more magical.” Bea told the publication, “I hope that people see that if a child could understand two women marrying each other, then why can’t lawmakers and people who have the power to make a difference see that too? And give the LGBTQIA+ community the same rights and treatment as heterosexual people.”


Bea's post was liked and shared several thousand times with people leaving hundreds of loving messages congratulating the couple. Twitter handle @Meganfangirl wrote: Omg that story, those brides, those dresses!! Gah! Everything is beautiful and I really needed something pretty and perfect today! (Seriously those women are gorgeous and I love those gowns! Princesses indeed!. Another handle @nnaKlura added: Congrats on your love! You look gorgeous the both of you and that wee boy is adorable. And so are you, Kate ). Twitter handle @TGatesC ended up crying after reading the post. He wrote: You will NOT make me cry on an airplane. I’m tearing up, but I refuse to make the other passengers think I’m nuts. Happy anniversary, ladies. You both make wonderful princesses.


Julie Davis commented on Facebook: Congratulations to the lovely couple. May you be blessed with many happy years together. Kudos to the mom of that wonderful little boy for showing him love is for everyone.  Others recalled similar experiences of kids who were taught to be more open and understanding. Ted Heeley wrote: MY friend taught his daughter about the LGBTQ community, and did a wonderful job of it--They were walking down the street one day (It was around the Pride festival, if I remember correctly) Two men approached, holding hands and smiling. After they passed, the daughter asked her father why two men were holding hands like that. The father simply said, "You know the way daddy feels about mommy? Sometimes, two mommies or two daddies can feel the same way about each other as well..." The daughter's reply...?


He added: "Oh." And even as an adult now, she never questioned it.

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