The Entire Kennedy Family Comes Together For Annual Fourth Of July Photo

The Entire Kennedy Family Comes Together For Annual Fourth Of July Photo

Kerry Kennedy, daughter of former United States Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy​ on her Instagram wishing everyone a happy Fourth of July.

Image Source: Instagram/Kerry Kennedy

Gathering your entire extended family for a good group photo is not easy but the Kennedy clan managed to pull it off. The family gathered over the Fourth of July weekend and managed to get a snap en masse. The picture was shared by Kerry Kennedy, who is the daughter of former United States Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy​ on her Instagram. The human rights activist and writer wished everyone a "Happy Fourth of July from our family (and friends) to yours!" The family photo is an annual Kennedy tradition that has been perfected over time and features dozens of their family members.



In the 2021 installation of the family portrait, easily at least a hundred Kennedy's posed for the photo in the aesthetic waterfront of the family's estate in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts. The who's who of the American elite is a part of the Kennedy family with the most recent additions of model Ava Dash, who is currently dating Robert F. Kennedy's grandson, Conor Kennedy. Also, a part of the family is Chris Pratt who married into the family through his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger. Schwarzenegger's great uncle was John F. Kennedy. And she is the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver.



It was however unclear if Pratt was pictured in the family photo along with his wife, reported PEOPLE. The couple was definitely a part of the 2019 portrait and were seen standing at the back with a big smile on their face. They had married a month earlier that year after they started dating in 2018. Pratt did his husbandly duties and took pictures of his wife with her family. A source revealed that she was still on a “happy high” after their wedding and Hawaiian honeymoon. “She still can’t believe that she and Chris are married,” the source said. She was overjoyed about spending the rest of her life with Pratt.



Though it was not easy to spot the Pratts, Katherine did share a picture of her, her sister Christina, with their mom on July 3. "And we are back with our regular scheduled sun protection programming (mama had hers in her hand for a second) for a #melasmafreesummer for yours truly," she wrote in the caption of the picture she shared on Instagram. Katherine and Pratt had their first child, a baby girl, in August last year. "The couple is so excited for their new addition and has been showered with love from their family and friends," a source told ET Online. "Chris was there for the birth and the couple can’t stop taking their eyes off their daughter. Katherine and Chris are doing well and Katherine is enjoying the experience of being a first-time mother."



Also present at the weekend celebrations was Mariah Kennedy-Cuomo, the daughter of Kerry Kennedy and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who shared pictures with her boyfriend Tellef Lundevall, reported the Daily Mail. Mariah's twin sister Cara was not seen in any of the pictures. And taking a cue from her mother and elder sister, Michaela Kennedy-Cuomo also shared pictures and videos from the weekend celebration. The 23-year-old recently came out on Instagram Live in a talk with activist and author Donato Tramuto as demisexual.



"When I was in elementary school, I feared that I was lesbian," she said in the Instagram live, according to TODAY. "When I was in middle school, I came out to my family and close friends as bisexual. When I was in high school, I discovered pansexuality and thought, 'That's the flag for me.'" She added, "I've definitely always dreamed of a world in which nobody will have to come out, because everybody's sexuality will be assumed fluid and none of our business. But in a world that force-feeds cisgender heterosexuality, coming out of the closet is a lifelong process of unpacking internalized social constructions and stigmas." 


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