Man Finds A Poor Boy Studying Under Street Light On The Road, So He Builds Him A Home

Man Finds A Poor Boy Studying Under Street Light On The Road, So He Builds Him A Home

Yaqoob Yusuf Ahmed Mubarak from Bahrain was moved by Victor Angulo's determination and flew to Peru to meet him and his family. He even gave them money.

Image source: Reprodução/Twitter

Good things always find their way to people who work hard, even if they are not expecting it at all.

While everyone should have equal access to basic needs such as food, shelter, and electricity, the world is unfortunately not such a fair place yet. A young boy was forced to study under a streetlight. The heartbreaking image of a 12-year-old Victor Angulo sprawled on a sidewalk, under a streetlight in Moche, Peru, was captured on CCTV and the video quickly went viral. Victor was forced to find a streetlight to complete his homework since his house did not have electricity.


The image pulled at the heartstrings of people from all over the world but there was little anyone could do to help the boy but sympathize with him. But the virality of the image, however, held put things into motion for the boy whose life was going to change for the best. The first person to respond to the image was the city’s mayor, Arturo Fernández Bazán, reported Good News Network. He took time to find out why their house didn't have electricity. He learned that Victor’s mother, Rosa, didn’t have the documents to prove she owned the home which was needed to legally install electrical service and then also lacked the money to pay for it.


The Mayor assisted her throughout the process and also gave Victor school supplies after learning about Victor’s desire to stay in school and become a police officer. The image of Victor also happened to reach Bahrain where it captured the attention of one businessman in particular. Yaqoob Yusuf Ahmed Mubarak was moved by the little boy's determination and flew to Peru to meet Victor and his family. He then decided to build a new house for Victor’s family and also promised to give them money to set up a business, Sky News reported.


Not only that, after a quick tour of his school, he even decided to ensure Victor and his peers would be given better opportunities as well. He promised to update the school’s infrastructure by adding furniture and equipping it with computers as well. "This kid will make a big story, a big success story for all the kids in the world. I am going to sign this contract in front of you, already bought 15 computers to open the new computer class." He even gave one of Victor's friends, who are disabled, a wheelchair. In a touching moment, Mubarak joined Victor in recreating the famous image that went viral and helped him out with his homework.


Victor said: "Yaqoob Mubarak, I want to thank you for all that you are doing for us, for the children of the school, as well as for Alvaro who is one of our brothers, you are helping him, and for that, we thank you very much." Mubarak and Victor formed a close friendship and the businessman even promised to take the child and his mother on a trip to Bahrain. Mubarak was honored with keys to the town as well as various medals when he went to Victor's city, which is about 340 miles (550km) from Lima, the capital of Peru. In a ceremony, Mayor Fernandez said: "Carlos Villanueva [a local resident] posted on Instagram the video of Victor and Yaqoob, from Bahrain... saw that majestic video and the message touched his heart." In a way, the city security officers are to thank for making Victor's plight public and bringing the city so much fortune from Bahrain.


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