Homeowners Yell At Man Trying To Save Someone's Life On Their Lawn: "Have Him Die Somewhere Else"

Homeowners Yell At Man Trying To Save Someone's Life On Their Lawn: "Have Him Die Somewhere Else"

A lawn worker rushed to help his neighbor who was experiencing seizures and all the homeowners could think about was having a man die on their lawn.

Cover image source: Facebook | PBSO - Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

When you witness an accident, it is only natural that you would rush to the victim's aid. While helping someone in a critical situation is the most obvious response, sadly it's not the case for everyone. A Flordia man had to learn this the hard way. According to NBC News, the man in question began convulsing in his car after losing control and entering the front yard of another resident. Thankfully, a lawn worker witnessed this and rushed to him but was shocked when the home's owners ordered him to "Get the man out of here," and "Have him die somewhere else," as per the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

Regarding the incident as a "very sad moment," the agency recounted the case on Facebook. The shocking incident took place on Monday, July 19, when a lawn worker, who was only identified as "Tony" was walking to work on a Palm Beach County community. This is when he noticed a neighbor suffering a "serious seizure" inside his vehicle, reports Yahoo! News. Without wasting a moment, he rushed to help him and even went as far as to make attempts to stop the moving car with his own hands. 


"Without thinking twice, Tony ran up to the rolling car on Dunes Road and grabbed the fender to try and stop it from rolling down the street further," revealed authorities in the Facebook post. "It ran over Tony’s foot, but thankfully he had steel-toe boots on!" The vehicle ultimately came to a halt on a neighbor's lawn and by that time the driver was "in terrible shape." Tony felt helpless as the car's door was locked and the windows were up. So he begged and screamed for the neighbors to assist him to rescue the man. But instead of worrying about a man's life, they were too concerned about their grass. "Get off our lawn," they demanded.

"A very sad moment for Tony, but he kept at it!!" noted the deputies. Thankfully, he recognized the driver and remembered that he lived nearby. So he ran down the street to the man's house. There he managed to alert the wife and finally call 911. Moments later emergency workers arrived at the scene and treated the driver. When the man recovered from his near-death experience, the unidentified man contacted the sheriff's office and asked them for Tony's phone number so that he could thank him personally for saving his life. "Because of Tony’s actions, we received a call yesterday from the man he helped," read the post. 



"The man called us to ask for Tony’s phone number. The man said, 'I want to talk to Tony….. He saved my life,'" revealed the deputies. A meeting was arranged which occurred on Wednesday last week. "The grateful man and his wife went and found Tony, and gave him a hug," revealed the sheriff's office. They also shared a picture of the selfless man on Facebook and hailed him a "true neighborhood hero." It's truly disappointing to hear about people who couldn't care any less about someone's life. But heroes like Tony give us hope that humanity is not yet dead.

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