High School Kids In Pennsylvania Wear 'White Lives Matter' Shirts And Get Away With It

High School Kids In Pennsylvania Wear 'White Lives Matter' Shirts And Get Away With It

The kids and the school came under a lot of criticism.

Image source: Vice

A group of high school kids in Montgomery, Pennsylvania thought it was cool to pose in "White Lives Matter" T-shirts and post them on Snapchat. But soon the picture was posted to Facebook and Reddit and not just the students, even the school they belonged to came under a lot of fire. Students of the Montgomery Area High School can be seen in the picture acting all cocky with cars in the background. They wanted to celebrate their last day of classes. One of them shows an "Up Yours" finger. But people who've live in this small town with a population of 2000 say that such things are not entirely abnormal. The majority are “very right-wing” and “conservative-Christian oriented” folks according to a Vice report. Last year, a neo-Nazi group organized a hate march in a park in the town.



The high school in question used to have a event called "Slave Auction" where students would be auctioned to one another to teachers and they would perform chores. This event is now called "Senior Auction" but its premise remains the same. So it's no surprise that the students in the picture did not face any repercussions for their actions. A source told the publication, "They were sent home from school. It was the LAST DAY. There were NO other repercussions. They even went to prom the very next night. Some of them are seniors going off to represent OUR school and town.” The school has not put out any statement on the incident. The distasteful picture was criticized by many for its hateful and racist content.



One student shared it on Snapchat and wrote, “One of the most disrespectful things I’ve ever seen happen in Montgomery. Only reason you did this was to piss people off and look like a complete racist, not funny at all.” One reader of the town's local daily, The Williamsport Sun-Gazette person wrote a letter to the editor titled "A public apology is owed" and added, "I was shocked to see a photograph of students at Montgomery Area High School online recently. They were wearing “White Lives Matter” T-shirts to school on June 4. These students should be ashamed of themselves as this is a known hate group. I am ashamed for the town which prides itself in having such a great school. I’m horrified for the targeted students, staff, and those that attend that do not align with such bigotry. I hope things get better but I’m disgusted."



The source added people who spoke against any such incidents were "ostracised." The source stated further, "You don’t really go against the grain or you are bullied and ostracized.” Barry Hill Jr.,  a former student of the school who passed out in 2003 said, "I recall when I was a kid in the early ’90s there were still white power rallies on rare occasions in nearby small towns.” Talking about the "Slave Day" event at the school Hill revealed, "They would be made to carry around others’ books or do others’ homework. Teachers would make them clap erasers, scrub toilets, etc. Sometimes in silly or humiliating outfits. The money went to senior class activities.” All this happened till about 10 years ago. With regards to LGBTQ issues, Hill added the school had a history of discrimination.



Students needed to have prom dates of the opposite sex. He also said that coming out meant harassment.



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