Hallmark Creates History With Their First Christmas Movie Starring A Gay Couple

Hallmark Creates History With Their First Christmas Movie Starring A Gay Couple

In the movie, Jonathan Bennett and Brad Harder play the lead couple where they try to adopt a child together.

Image Source: Instagram/Johnathan Bennett

For the first time ever, Hallmark Channel is set to release a new Christmas movie with a gay couple in the lead. The Christmas House will have Mean Girls actor Jonathan Bennett alongside Brad Harder as the lead couple. And they will melt your heart! This is a first for Hallmark as they're known for their quintessential holiday movies with White, straight couples in the lead. In fact, they have about 40 Christmas films lined up for release this time. Since now is the time to adapt to changing times, we're glad Hallmark has upped its game. Apart from the cast, this movie is sure to become a must-watch Christmas classic because of its unique plot as well. 




The movie's plot follows one family, the Mitchells, and three stories that ensue over the holidays. Parents, Phylis played by Sharon Lawrence, and Bill played by Treat Williams, summon their sons for Christmas. They break the news to their sons about selling their house. So, to say goodbye to their home for one last time, they want to go all out in transforming their house into a winter wonderland, one last time. Meanwhile, Bennett's character, Brandon, along with his husband Jake, are waiting for a call about the adoption of their first child. Bennett's brother, played by Robert Buckley of One Tree Hill fame, reconnects with his highschool sweetheart.




The movie first aired on November 22nd, and it was Hallmark's first attempt at being inclusive when it comes to spreading the holiday cheer. Calling it "an honor" to be a part of the first-ever Christmas movie on Hallmark with an LGBTQIA+ plotline, Bennett told Good Morning America, "Of all the movies I've done in 20 years in Hollywood, this movie is the most important to me because this character matters. And this character is making a difference." He added, "It's the first time you see two men in love starting their own family, and that's such a groundbreaking thing because representation is important."




For Bennett, this is a personal victory, since he's gay in real life, too. He became every teenager's heartthrob after he portrayed the role of Aaron Samuels in Mean Girls, but it also meant he had to hide his identity. "It's a tough thing to be idolized and known as one thing, and that's your whole dream coming true," he opened up on the Daily Blast Live, according to King5. "And you are now in the biggest teen movie ever made in decades, and you're the object of affection, you're the sex symbol, you're the guy. But then at the same time, the flip side is you have the fear of 'dear God don't let them find out who I really am because all this will get taken away.'"




Now that he gets to represent his community through a Christmas movie, he feels like he's doing his part and has realized his sense of responsibility. "I just think about what younger me would have thought watching a movie like this at the holidays," Bennett said. "Because growing up, I didn't have representation like this -- we didn't have Christmas movies that had storylines of two men in love, starting a family." He feels like if he had seen this as a child, he would felt "less scared" and "more seen." Moreover, the actor said that playing the role in this movie has inspired him, and his boyfriend, Jaymes Vaughn, to consider adopting a child of their own.







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