Stray Dog Who Got Kicked By A Cruel Driver Returns With His Friends To Destroy His Car

Stray Dog Who Got Kicked By A Cruel Driver Returns With His Friends To Destroy His Car

A resident of China learned a lesson about being spiteful to a dog the hard way. After being chased away, the pooch returned with a group of dogs to exact his revenge.

Image Source: YouTube/AnswersVideo

Yes, dogs are man's best friend. Not only are they adorable and cuddly, but they also shower us with an unconditional love that is hard to come by. All you have to do is love and respect them and they will return the affection two-fold. Even if you treat them badly, they give you the benefit of the doubt, being the forgiving creatures that they are. But if you make the mistake of taking them for granted, they will retaliate in the worst possible way. A resident of China who was spiteful to a dog learned this lesson the hard way.  




A stray pooch was resting at a lot when a man kicked him out so he could park his car. What he didn't expect was the revenge the dog had planned for him and it is hands down one of the most hilarious things on the internet. Apparently, the dog remembered the man's car and returned the same day with a few of its friends to vandalize the vehicle. According to The Dodo, the incident unfolded in Chongqing where the man had returned home only to find that a dog occupied his favorite parking spot. At that moment, kicking the dog out of the way may have seemed like the best and inconsequential move for the man. However, he was filled with instant regret when he saw the state of his car later on. 




Most people have a very wrong notion about stray dogs. People see them as wild, violent, and aggressive creatures when often times all they truly long for is love. Heartbreakingly, strays everywhere are beaten, kicked, and abused ruthlessly and occasionally they are prompted to retaliate by biting the person. But this particular story is quite different from the ones we've been hearing about. The stray in this case did not growl or bite the man but returned with its squad to exact the perfect revenge.




In the viral video, a group of dogs can be seen trying to eat and chew the frame of the car. They even attempt to climb up to the windshield hoping to do some damage there as well. The dogs can be seen spread all around the car, which appears to have some visible dents. That's some strong set of teeth, I must say! What's more amusing is the fact that the dogs were clever enough to have one as a lookout to intimate them in case someone was approaching the vehicle while they commit their revenge without any worries. The pictures were originally taken by a neighbor of the car's owner who was shocked by this behavior. He later approached the man and showed him these pictures and he immediately bemoaned the decision of kicking the pooch in the first place. 



Regrettably, there are no animal cruelty laws in China, at least not for domestic ones like dogs. Just take one of their annual Yulin Lychee and Dog Meat Festival where dogs are killed to procure meat, which is then sold to eager customers. Thankfully, there are factions that are completely against this behavior and some even showed their support for the dogs in this story. One user wrote: it just shows that doggies have the same feelings as we humans..serves that Donkey (Man) for kicking a harmless animal. Another shared: Makes me happy, wish someone would have kicked him! A third chimed in: Well done doggies. If they mistreat you take revenge 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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