Brave Dog Saves Owner By Throwing Himself In Front Of Knife-Wielding Husband

Brave Dog Saves Owner By Throwing Himself In Front Of Knife-Wielding Husband

Little Fofinho jumped in front of his 58-year-old owner and her two grandchildren but unfortunately got stabbed in the process.

Representative Image Source: Getty/Carol Yepes

We truly don't deserve dogs because we could never reciprocate the unconditional love they shower on us, their best friends. In a recent display of love, one dog jumped in the middle to protect its owner even though it meant risking his own life. The heartwrenching incident took place in Coracao de Jesus, southern Brazil, where a 62-year-old man allegedly threatened to kill his wife and grandchildren, aged 16 and 17, with a blade after getting into an intense argument at their house. But before the man could hurt her, the grandmother's beloved pooch named Fofinho foiled the attempt by bravely jumping in front of the three. Unfortunately, he was stabbed in the process. 


Even though the pet got in the way, the ruthless man did not just stop there. He reportedly went ahead and cruelly stabbed Fofinho in the chest and stomach, reports Metro. Seeing his critical state, Fofinho's distressed 58-year-old owner rushed him to a vet who was about 45 miles away in Montes Claros in their home. After arriving there, his wounds were immediately cleaned and stitched up. The severity of his injuries was truly worrying as little Fofinho suffered from bowel leakage and this put him at the risk of contracting a fatal infection. 


The dog currently remains in the hospital where he is being administered antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and painkillers. Speaking to local media, the vet revealed that had Fofinho reached the clinic a few hours later, he could have died. Meanwhile, the woman's husband was taken into custody on April 20 following an 18-hour manhunt. It remains unclear if he will be charged for his actions. But a police officer did hail the Fofinho as a hero for courageously saving the day even at the cost of his own life. "He was a true hero," the officer said. 

They truly are heroes who would risk their lives to save ours and they have proved it time and again. We previously reported that a Yorkshire terrier named Starla bravely protected a young girl when two intruders entered their home. The incident unfolded last year when two armed thieves broke into Dion Ewing’s South Fulton, Georgia, at around 3 p.m. There was no one present at the time but Ewing's niece and their dog. "My niece got an alert on her phone, um, about somebody approaching," recalled Ewing. The girl fearfully watched as the men attempted to force their way in and to her dismay they eventually succeeded in doing so. 



"The other partner turned around and started kicking it from the back and he kicked it about two times and then the back came open. The door came open," she explained. Right after entering the home, they threatened to shoot the dog but decided to get the dog out of the way first. This is where they made a mistake because Starla wasn't one to back down so easily. As they tried to shoot the dog, Ewing's niece saw it as an opportunity to escape through the garage. But the men tried to chase after her. "But as she was running out, the one who had the gun asked the other one if they wanted them to shoot her," shared Ewing.


They might have ended up shooting the girl if it wasn't for Starla who despite being shot distracted the men from going after her. "They were chasing her out and the dog was chasing behind them. Even after being shot," she noted. Starla's barks had created quite the ruckus thus the robbers decided to flee the scene instead of pursuing their target ."This little thing right here. It’s just like a little guard dog," she said of her then 2-year-old pooch. We are trying to keep her limited on the moving because of where she got injured at. They don't want her to rip her lacerations. She got shot in her front leg and back leg," Ewing added. 

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