This Adorable Bear-Shaped Tool Will Keep Your Brown Sugar Moist For Months

This Adorable Bear-Shaped Tool Will Keep Your Brown Sugar Moist For Months

You can also use this product to keep cakes, cookies, and other baked goods moist. If not soaked in water it can keep your chips and pretzels crisp.

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Say you're all set to prepare a lip-smacking dessert to enjoy with your friends but as you reach for the brown sugar container you realize that it had hardened since you last used it. It may seem dramatic, but trust me, there's no greater heartbreak than discovering that you can no longer use an ingredient that you have been saving for special occasions. If you're wondering how why this always happens to you, let me inform you that it is a universal problem. 


The coating of molasses in brown sugar evaporates when it is left exposed to air, explains The Kitchn. Thus, every particle of the sugar literally glues itself to each other as the coating keeping them apart dries out, ending in a hard solid mess. You might have noticed that with every use the brown sugar becomes difficult to work with as it turns dry after being exposed to the air due to improper storage. This is where a cute brown sugar bear comes in handy to resolve the issue. 


Bed Bath & Beyond is the seller of this efficient kitchen tool called Brown Sugar Bear. Prized at $3.99, the product is made from specially fired clay, which—in case you're wondering—is totally food safe. All you need to do is soak the bear in water for 20 minutes then pat it dry making sure that it doesn't drip. Now open the pack of brown sugar, pour it in a container and place the bear inside it as well. It will help keep the sugar fresh by maintaining the moisture content in it. The website claims that the tool will help keep your brown sugar moist for up to three to six months, which is a big win!


The product has been rated 4.7 out of 5 by many of its users and one of them even revealed that they have owned one for almost two decades now. "What a great idea! Each time I use some brown sugar, I just soak the terra cotta bear again and drop it in and seal the canister. The brown sugar is soft and easy to use the next time :) This one was a replacement; I have had my other one for over 18 years," they wrote.


Another reviewer shared how they use it to keep their coconut sugar moist. "I have one of these useful bears in my brown sugar and it's always moist. When the bear dries out I just pop it into a bowl of water, rinse, pat dry and it's good for another six months or so. I use it in my coconut sugar, too, which was getting hard little sugar marbles that wouldn't smash easily. Now it's as easy to spoon out as the brown sugar," read the comment.


What's more amazing is the fact that the Brown Sugar Bear has more than just one use. You can also use the soaked product in containers of baked goods like cookies and cakes to stop them from losing moisture. It can also be used to keep soften dried fruit and keep marshmallows fresh. If not soaked, the tool works as a moisture absorber and can be kept in jars of salt and spices to maintain its freshness. You can also use it to keep your pretzels and chips from going limp. But you need to make sure that you only clean it using water because using soap could leave traces of its scent and transfer it to food items. You can also purchase the item from Amazon where it is priced at $10.50 for two.

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