Brother Made His Sister's Prom Dress From Scratch Because Their Parents Couldn't Afford To Buy One

Brother Made His Sister's Prom Dress From Scratch Because Their Parents Couldn't Afford To Buy One

After learning about how eager his sister was to attend the prom and keeping in mind his parents' financial situation, Maverick Francisco Oyao decided to make the dress himself.

Image Source: Facebook/Maverick Francisco Oyao

Proms are a big deal to teens who get to celebrate their school life in style before stepping out into the real world. But it is also an expensive affair. A lot of money has to be spent to have the perfect prom night in terms of getting the perfect dress, matching accessories, makeup, and of course the prom tickets. Not every student may be able to afford the expensive affair. But since it is part of the whole high school experience, it would be a shame if not everyone gets to be a part of it.

As much as prom is a big deal in America, it is also a big deal in the Philipines. One particular high schooler was excited about prom but was afraid her parents wouldn't be able to afford to buy or rent the perfect dress for her. Lu Asey had her sights set on attending prom and had to get creative to be able to do so. And to help her out with this, her elder brother, Maverick Francisco Oyao or just Mave, stepped up. The college student who is studying culture and arts education at a university, that isn’t related to fashion design at all, decided to make a dress for his younger sister from scratch so it would be affordable and not burden their parents.


Mave took to Facebook to share the journey of creating the perfect dress for his sister. Although he shared that he was unsure he would be able to put together a dress on time, he managed to pull it off. In the process, he managed to make his younger sister happy as well. After learning about how eager his sister was to attend the prom but also keeping in mind his parents' financial situation, he decided it would be best if he made the dress himself. He was now a man on a mission to ensure his sister had the dress of her dreams in time for prom.


For this Herculean task, he started by looking up designs he could emulate. He mentioned how he particularly looked up ball dresses especially Michael Cinco's Spring and Summer Collection. Cinco is a Filipino fashion designer based in Dubai who has made stunning gowns for celebrities like Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga. Based on the inspiration from Cinco's designs, Mave then conceptualized an elaborate blue flowing gown for his sister. He made a draft, bought the materials, and went to work on it. As days passed by, he started doubting whether he would be able to finish but thanked God for not abandoning him.


Mave started by cutting out nine pieces of blue fabric, he then decorated each of them with satin ribbon and then sewed them all together to make the skirt. There were a lot of embellishments that he had to put together himself and even hand-painted the ombre bustier of the dress. The dress had bejeweled flowers and sleeves that looked like fairy wings. The skirt was wide and elaborately decorated. The details that Mave put into the dress just prove that he is a talented designer. As a caring brother, he was able to make sure his sister looked like a princess for her prom.






Many of the materials were sponsored by friends whom he thanked in his Facebook post. Despite all his worries, the novice designer was able to finish the dress in only 12 days. Unfortunately, Lu Asey didn’t win the Best Dress award at the school prom, according to Bored Panda. But they were both happy with the end result and most importantly she got to experience prom looking like a Disney princess.


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