A single woman shared her 91-year-old grandfather's savage texts, and she's going viral

A single woman shared her 91-year-old grandfather's savage texts, and she's going viral

TikTok user Megan Elizabeth took to the platform to share her grandfather's sweet yet mean text messages with her followers.

Image Source: meganelizabeth1016 / TikTok

Trigger Warning: Body Shaming, Alcoholism

Not all of our parents, let alone our grandparents, are tech-savvy. However, once they discover the wonderful and weird world wide web, there is much that awaits them. And, as TikTok user Megan Elizabeth has recently discovered, there are several savage texts that await her too. In a video posted to the social media platform, Elizabeth shares her protective and overly-concerned 91-year-old grandfather's hilarious text messages with her viewers. She has since gone viral, with many viewers deeply relating to the tidbits of wisdom she receives from her sweet grandfather. Many have even shared their own stories, Mirror.co.uk reports.


Elizabeth captioned her now-viral video, "Shhhh... He will never know." In the video, she shares screenshots of the 91-year-olds text messages. While all the texts are about various different themes, there is a deep sense of love and affection attached to them. It is evident that her grandfather only has the best intentions for his young granddaughter. One screenshot reads, "This is grandpa. I read an article that said if you do not find a life partner by 29 you most likely die alone. Your birthday is coming up in three months. Just wanted to let you know. Love, grandpa."

In another text message, the TikToker's grandpa decided to touch upon a topic that may be more sensitive: weight and weight loss, in particular. "Megan, this is grandpa, I hope you are keeping the weight you lost off," he writes. "Remember, heart disease runs in our family. Love, grandpa." Of course, he was simply concerned about Elizabeth and wanted to convey that in his own way, but perhaps it could have been phrased more sensitively. He was also quite worried about his granddaughter's alcohol intake and whether it was too excessive as a result of mental illness.

"Hi Megan, this is your grandpa. I hope you aren't drinking a lot," he texts. "I saw on the news that alcohol sales are sky-high because millennials are depressed. Love you always, grandpa." Evidently, there are several issues on the nonogenerian's mind. Elizabeth, on the other hand, only found the entire situation hilarious. Others, too, thought her grandfather's text messages were incredibly funny. Some even yearned for similar experiences with their own parents and grandparents. One TikTok user wrote, "Bro! If my grandparents could text, I would text them all day long!" Another added, "I'm cackling! He loves you, but his approach..."

The most notable text was perhaps the last: "Megan. It is grandpa. I read an article that other countries are using data from a website called TikTok to use it against America. Do you have a TikTok? [Please] be careful. Love, gpa." In response, Elizabeth told her grandfather a little white lie; she claimed she did not have a TikTok and that there was nothing to worry about. Perhaps all he does have to worry about is his so mean yet so sweet text messages being read by a few thousand individuals across the world.

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