A Hot Bath Can Burn As Many Calories As Going On A 30-Minute Walk, Claim Researchers

A Hot Bath Can Burn As Many Calories As Going On A 30-Minute Walk, Claim Researchers

You can relax while you burn some calories. Win-win, isn't it?

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At the end of a long and strenuous day, there's nothing better than relaxing with a long, bubbly bath. I mean, it's the best thing to do when you want to forget a tiring day; you actually get to feel all your knots loosen and fade away into nothingness in the hot water. Given current circumstances, we're all swamped with work, and it seems to be quite hard to find at least five minutes for ourselves. How long has it been since you last did something for yourself? Well, maybe you can at least turn your baths into useful ones, because, according to Daily Mail, researchers believe that a nice hot bath can be as beneficial for you as taking a 30-minute walk.


You can relax while you burn some calories. Win-win, isn't it? But yes, a hot bath is not the ultimate goal when it comes to losing weight. A team of scientists from Loughborough University, led by Dr. Faulkner conducted a research study that compared the effects of cycling for an hour and then having a hot bath for the same amount of time. The result was not similar but it surprised the researchers. A hot bath did have some kind of effect on blood glucose levels, and there were two stages to the experiment. In the first stage, volunteers had monitors connected to them to record their blood sugar levels. This was done to find out how the activities (cycling and bathing) would affect their metabolism.


Apart from this, their core temperature was constantly measured by rectal thermometers. The volunteers were also equipped with devices designed to measure the number of calories that were being burned in the process. The volunteers were to lie in a hot bath that was kept at a temperature of 40-degree Celsius (104 F) for an hour. Then they had a light meal two hours later since there were changes to their blood glucose level as well. Volunteers were then made to cycle for an hour in the second stage of the experiment. That's when researchers found that the energy expenditure had increased by 80%, but it did not show the same amount as calories burnt while cycling.


However, the final result proved that having a hot bath sheds the same amount of calories that a 30-minute walk does, which is around 140 calories. Now that's a surprising amount of calories burned while relaxing. Coming back to the blood sugar levels, researchers drew a comparison in glucose output after bathing and cycling and found that it was lower by 10% in the case of bathing. This is a marker for metabolic diseases like diabetes, and it's the increase in blood glucose levels while eating. Scientists believe this is because of a "phenomenon to the heat shock proteins released when the heat is applied."


This can be useful for people who suffer from metabolic diseases as it becomes quite difficult for them to exercise. However, researchers have pointed out that having a hot bath is not the answer for not exercising. It does not replace physical movements, it's just that having a hot bath can be useful and beneficial. For people who find it difficult to work out, this technique can help them reduce the effect of metabolic diseases. It will also help them maintain their blood sugar levels. 





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