Vicious Boys Mugged A 15-Year-Old Girl In New York City: "We Cannot Allow This"

Vicious Boys Mugged A 15-Year-Old Girl In New York City: "We Cannot Allow This"

A horrific act of violence by a dozen boys was inflicted upon a teen girl as she walked down the street alone.

Image Source: Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas / Pexels

Trigger Warning: Extreme Violence

New York City can be rife with violence. Though violent crime rates in the city peaked in the 1980s and 1990s to fall to the lowest of all major United States cities in recent years, there are still horrific incidents that take place in its boroughs. Security footage recently released by the New York Police Department has revealed just how terrible the violence can be. In the video, a group of boys is seen violently mugging a 15-year-old girl before stealing her belongings. She has since been taken to the hospital to be treated for her wounds, The New York Post reports.


The teen girl was walking down Utica Avenue near Sterling Place in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, just past 4 p.m. when a group of teen boys approached her. There were reportedly at least a dozen boys in the group. As she reached the corner, the gang lunged at her and began beating her up. The video shows several boys repeatedly kicking and punching the poor victim. The clip, which begins when the victim is already on the ground, displays one of the boys kicking the girl in the chest and face. More teenagers run up to the altercation and join in on the mugging. One teen leaps onto her and kicks her in the head.


The shocking incident continues for 20 seconds before one teenager pulls the girl's black and white Air Jordan 1s off of her feet. The mugging then stops. The victim is left limping alone on the ground, the video footage shows. As per information from police officials, the teenagers also stole the girl's cell phone and debit card before running away in various directions. Thankfully, the victim was taken to NYC Health and Hospitals/Kings County, where she received treatment for her wounds. She was treated for bruising as well as head trauma. As per the NYPD, it is unclear what provoked the attack as of now.


The video was released on Friday, following which, NYPD Brooklyn North Commanding Officer Jeffrey Maddrey took to Twitter to denounce the attack. He called the vicious altercation "sickening." He affirmed, "We cannot allow this behavior in our community." Should you have any information about the incident, you are urged to contact the police through the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477). As the police continue their investigation, individuals are weighing in about the incident online.


Twitter user WhimsicalMetoo posted, [A] 15-year-old girl. Poor little thing. WHY didn't ANYONE come to her rescue? No one carrying? Find them... Lock them all up, throw away the key! TherealMelHall added, This is what happens when you stop raising boys to be men. No discipline, no respect. ChicagoLindy stated, This just sickens me as it should everyone. These self-entitled idiots need to wonder if this happened to their sister, brother or cousin. Disgusting! Without a doubt, people are outraged that no one came to help the young girl. Hopefully, the perpetrators are caught soon and the victim receives justice.


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