7 Ways In Which Your Body Warns You When You're Stuck With The Wrong Person

7 Ways In Which Your Body Warns You When You're Stuck With The Wrong Person

No matter what you do to keep the relationship going, your body will send out warning signals to tell you that it's not worth it.

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You know how people say when you are with the right person, you immediately know it? It's all about instinct. That's the same when it comes to being around someone who is just not the one for you. Sometimes, we can make mistakes while choosing our partner. We know there are issues, but we tend to defend the relationship for the sake of avoiding conflicts. The problem with that is that you get to avoid a fight, but your body gets affected in more ways than you can possibly think of. No matter what you do to keep the relationship going, your body will send out warning signals to tell you that it's not worth it. If your body is giving you these 7 signals, maybe you should step back and reconsider your relationship:


1. You find yourself lying in bed at night, unable to sleep


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When there's a lot on your mind, it gets rather difficult to sleep. This is the first sign because there's nothing as important as a good night's sleep. Your sleep is being compromised because of a partner that isn't fulfilling your needs. So, when they're beside you, your mind is filled with questions about where this relationship is headed and what you're going to do with this later on. 


2. You're nervous around your partner all the time


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Since you know that things could be better in life, it makes you nervous and anxious about your partner. You're not really comfortable around them and that starts to show, and you might start feeling restless or fidgety. If you find yourself shaking when your partner is around, this could be the adrenaline that’s rushing inside you. Ideally, your partner should be making you feel at ease, rather than make your body tense or edgy.


3. Your body is unable to connect with them physically


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Listen, sex is a major part of a relationship. If you feel uneasy when your partner touches you or tries to get intimate with you, then trust me when I say this, it is a red flag. No, it doesn't get better with time, only worse. Your partner might be doing all the right things, but you find that your body is still not responding in the way it should be to your partner’s romance. Attraction is something that you cannot just switch on like a button. It is an organic feeling. So your body feels hesitant when your partner is trying to be sensual with you.


4. You're exhausted, both physically and mentally


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When you're with your partner, you find yourself tired all the time. This is one major sign that it's the wrong relationship. This is because, if you're with the right person, they should be able to make you feel energized, especially when you need a "pick-me-up" kind of day. When you're with a wrong person,  you may notice that you are always feeling dull or worn out, where your body feels like it has zero energy or motivation to do anything. Eventually, it feels like each day is a drag.


5. Your appetite has changed drastically


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When you're going through a huge amount of stress, your appetite is affected drastically. If you feel you have been eating a lot more than usual or have been barely eating anything, it could be because of the emotions that you have been pushing to the back of your mind. You might even experience certain digestive issues. When you are putting your body through a relationship that’s not right for you, your weighing scale might show you that you have either gained or lost a few pounds.


6. You keep falling ill regularly


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Since your mind is working round the clock, you are bound to fall sick. All that stress is bound to reflect in your body at some point. If you continue being unhappy with someone who isn’t right for you, then over time, your body will slowly lose the resilience that it once had. When your immune system starts to grow weak, you might find that you are catching colds, infections, and the flu more often than you used to before. 


7. You experience pain regularly


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You find yourself constantly giving up your needs to accommodate your partner's and this will lead you to experience pain, both physically and mentally. As the stress and anxiety build up in you, you might start experiencing more and more headaches, chest pains and discomfort in other areas of your body. If you’re holding in the frustration and anger of an unhappy relationship, not only will you be pushed to the point of an outburst, but your body is simultaneously bearing the brunt of it.

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