6 Signs Your Body Is Telling You That You're With The Wrong Partner

6 Signs Your Body Is Telling You That You're With The Wrong Partner

Here are a few signs your body gives you when you are with the wrong person.

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Our body is always looking out for us, even when we don't pay attention. Sometimes it can show us what our subconscious has realized even though our waking mind is yet to draw its conclusions. Feeling too restless? You probably had that extra shot of coffee. Have butterflies in your stomach? It could be anxiety hitting you. Don't know why that person makes your heart race? It's probably because you have a crush on them. The point is, our body is aware of the environment we are in and tends to give us some subtle --and sometimes not so subtle-- clues to let us know what we are dealing with. This is true when you are in a relationship with the wrong person too, according to Shannon Thomas, a licensed therapist. In that case, what could these tell-tale signs be that you aren't quite picking up on? Read on to find out.

1. You don't feel connected to them

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The difference between infatuation and love is quite simple. Infatuation dies down after a few weeks but love grows the more you spend time with your partner. When you cannot connect with them on a sexual level, it often means there is an emotional discord between the two of you. Feeling attracted to someone is not a switch you can turn on and off, it's just always there. So, if your body hesitates when your partner is trying to get sensual with you, even if they are doing the right things, it means you need to take a long and hard look at what's going on because there's definitely something amiss in there.

2. You are exhausted most of the day

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When you are with the right partner you are always beaming with energy. However, when your body is dealing with the fallout of a bad relationship, you are affected physically. For instance, you will always feel tired and worn out as there is barely any energy or motivation to go out and do things. Also, let's not discount the mental exhaustion that may arise due to this. In short, being with the wrong person will make you miserable and no amount of effort you put in will make things right for you.

3. You don't eat like you used to

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When you are in an uncomfortable situation, there's always stress to deal with. This can affect your appetite big time. In case you have realized that you are eating less or are barely eating compared to what you were doing before, it's because you are already aware on a deeper level that something is off and you're not dealing with it accurately. This could even lead to a few digestive issues as you either end up gaining or losing a few pounds.

4. You can't sleep

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Yet another sign of being with the wrong partner is, you can't sleep. You tend to vacantly look at the ceiling for hours as hundreds of questions arise in your mind pushing your brain into overdrive instead of going to rest. You may end up falling asleep eventually as your body drifts into sleep out of sheer exhaustion caused by all the mental activity.

5. You are feeling a lot of pain

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You can feel physical and emotional pain when you have to put your partner's needs ahead of yours. This can manifest as complete numbness and you feel you have no control over what's going on in your life. As the stress and anxiety build because of this, you will experience chest pains, headaches, and discomfort all over your body. Basically, keeping your feelings bottled up in an unhealthy relationship will turn you into a ticking timebomb that can go boom at any point.

6. You find yourself lost

As humans, we all have our own unique voices, interests, likes, and dislikes. But, being in an unhealthy relationship can strip you off of everything gradually. The longer you are with the partner, the faster you begin to lose a sense of who you actually are before one day, you don't even recognize yourself anymore.

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